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 A fringe Hindu group suspected in the deaths of Indiansecularists

Abhay Vartak aspires to live in a divine kingdom in whicheveryone is truthful and virtuous, leaving no room for violence or crime.Justice would be dispensed by a benevolent king, as it was during the rule ofthe Hindu god Ram, according to mythological Hindu texts. Vartak, who holds abachelor’s degree in science, is the spokesman of SanatanSanstha, a radical Hinduorganization in India that aims to establish the kingdom by 2023… The Hindufringe group, with its cult-like beliefs and behaviors, has a following inthree states in southwestern India. It has emerged as the prime suspect behindthe murders of three prominent secular thinkers in recent years. Indianauthorities in June arrested a Sanatan member in connection with the 2013assassination of activist Narendra Dabholkar. In September, another Sanatan member wasarrested for the 2015 killing of author and politician Govind Pansare,81… Established as a charitable trust in 1990 by hypnotherapist Jayant Athavle,Sanatan is based in the coastal state of Goa and maintains strict secrecyaround the ashrams it operates.” (Los AngelesTimes, 08/07/16) [IT 8.1]

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