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The City

Bordeaux has always been a dynamic, cosmopolitan city and never ceases to reveal exciting, new facets of its character.

The city of Bordeaux’s inscription as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2007 and its bold modernism have made it a key destination for everyone interested in French culture, lifestyle… and wine!
Centre of a legendary winegrowing region, this vibrant and sophisticated city is a top gourmet and culture destination. Synonymous with fine wines, Bordeaux is one of France’s most elegant cities. This UNESCO World Heritage site is ultraresplendent after its recent makeover.
Bordeaux’s setting on the River Garonne has made it an important port for centuries.
Bordeaux is the ideal base for exploring wine châteaux of Médoc, St Emilion and Bordeaux, fringed by the largest pine forest in Europe, just 45 minutes from Arcachon Bay (famous for its delicious seafood and oysters!) and superb beaches.
Visitors appreciate both the monumental stone architecture and attractive nooks and crannies of this city, with its fascinating historic and cultural heritage around every corner. The past is intriguingly present everywhere in the city.
This is how «sleeping beauty» reveals her treasures to those who make the effort to look carefully and take their time.

Things to Do – Water Mirror

Located across from Place de la Bourse, between Quai de la Douane and Quai Louis XVIII, this spectacular pool, designed by landscape artist Michel Corajoud, alternates a mirror effect and artificial misting in an extraordinary way. The rythmic changes in 2 cm of water on a gigantic slab of granite make this location truly magical. Children adore playing here and it is a meeting place for lovers as well as people who enjoy putting their feet into the cool water in summer!

Things to Do – Bordeaux Wine Country

The Bordeaux vineyards are so vast (112,000 hectares) that there is not one, but 6 wine roads! The Médoc, with its famous châteaux, is located northeast of the city, whereas the Graves (the birthplace of Bordeaux wine) and Sauternes regions are to the southeast. The beautiful medieval town of Saint-Emilion is situated to the north and east of Bordeaux and, further west, the towns of Blaye and Bourg, linked by a corniche, overlook the estuary.

Things to Do – Opera House

Bordeaux’s city centre features a marvellously elegant monument. The Grand Théâtre has delighted visitors and been the pride and joy of Bordeaux for over two centuries Along with the operas of Versailles and Turin, the Grand-Théâtre has one of the most beautiful 18th century concert halls in the world! The emblem of Bordeaux, Of all the public buildings in Bordeaux, the Grand-Théâtre is unquestionably the most well-known and appreciated.

Things to Do – CAPC, Museum of contemporary art

Bordeaux offers one of the richest collections of contemporary France. Created 40 years ago in a former colonial warehouse (Entrepôts Lainé), the CAPC focuses on emerging art forms. With a permanent exhibition of some 1,300 works by 190 artists (Robert Combas, Annette Messager, Mario Merz, Richard Long, etc.) the CAPC offers an in-depth look at a half-century of culture and features new forms of contemporary art.

Things to Do – The “Saint Pierre” district

Tourists who come to Bordeaux generally marvel at the beautiful buildings lining the quays before seeing anything else. However, many of them are unaware that the historic heart of Bordeaux is located behind the 18th century Place de la Bourse. Saint Pierre, the birthplace of Bordeaux After the Roman town of Burdigala ceased to exist, the inhabitants moved away from the river, and the new city centre became what is now the Saint-Pierre district.

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