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CE Program Policies and Procedures

Policy and Procedure Guidelines for Live Event CE Programs 

Updated June 16, 2017

Review and resolution of participant complaints and disputes related to programs:

Participant complaints and disputes will be submitted to the Executive Director. If the complaint or dispute cannot be successfully resolved with the Executive Director, it will be submitted to the Board of Directors for resolution.

Program fees, refunds, and cancellation:

Fees differ depending on the length and type of event. Full refunds are available up to a week (7 calendar days) prior to the event minus a 25 dollar administrative fee.

Selection of presenters/authors for CE programs:

Presenters may submit proposals for consideration for conferences. Proposals must include presenter(s) name(s), contact information, level of education, relevant licenses/certifications, abstract, and four learning objectives. Proposals are reviewed by the event committee and presenters are notified of the decision. For smaller CE workshops presenters may be chosen by invitation.

Procedure for verifying attendance, including sign in/sign out procedure:

A sign in sheet is available at time of CE event. Attendees must sign in at start of program and stay for duration of program to receive a certificate of completion.

Procedure for distributing certificates of completion:

Certificates of completion are available to be picked up by attendees on the last day of the conference or at the end of the event if it is a one day event. If a certificate is not picked up by an attendee the program administrator can be contacted and the certificate mailed to the attendee, if the attendee did indeed stay until the completion of the event.

Record keeping:

All digital records will be kept in a password protected file on a password protected computer. All paper records will be kept in a locked file cabinet in an office with a locked door. Both digital and paper records will be kept for a period of 5 years.

Program evaluations:

Program evaluations are made available in both electronic form and paper form. Paper evaluations are distributed at the end of CE sessions. Attendees are asked to fill them out and leave them in a marked envelope in the room. Assigned program coordinator will collect the envelope and deliver the evaluations to the program administrator for review. Alternately, attendees may access the electronic version of the evaluation via the event website. Evaluation results are used in deciding whether to remain with a particular location/venue, whether particular presenters are invited to present at other events, and what content areas need more attention.

Provisions for ensuring privacy of participants’ confidential information:

Participants’ information including registration information is kept confidential by storing digital information on a password protected computer, in a password protected folder. All paper copies of confidential information is stored in a locked file cabinet in a locked office.

Provisions made to protect client confidentiality and information that may be presented/disclosed during a program:

Presenters must protect client confidentiality in case presentations by disguising identifying information. Only that information which is pertinent to the concept being discussed should be disclosed and only when it will not identify the client.

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