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A Tarant County, TX, jury has found Agape Christian Fellowship minister Terry Hornbuckle guilty of sexually assaulting three women, two of them church members, one of whom testified that she was a virgin when he drugged and raped her just after her 21st birthday. Hornbuckle apparently used the drug benzodiazepine to induce drowsiness and amnesia in the women. One said she didn’t want to have sex with the minister, who was counseling her after a split with her boyfriend, but added that he exploited her emotional vulnerability and his position of authority. Hornbuckle, an alleged “meth addict,” had his bail revoked when he failed drug tests while in custody. [csr 5.3 2006 ]

The board of Agape Christian Fellowship has fired church founder Terry Hornbuckle following his conviction on charges that he raped three women, two of them former congregants. Hornbuckle, whose wife is being evaluated as his successor, is now serving a 15-year prison sentence. A church statement said its bylaws prohibit a person convicted of a sex offence from serving in an official capacity. [csr 5.3 2006]

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