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The City of New York is poised to provide a $12 million tax-free city bond to the All Stars Project to help the youth program refinance an earlier City bond and make improvements at its Manhattan headquarters. Some say the bond is payment for support given by leaders of the Independence Party — notably Lenora Fulani and Fred Newman — to Mayor Blumberg’s election campaigns. Complaints and investigations allege that the All Stars Project is used to lure the unwary into Newman’s “social therapy” practice and into Fulani’s Independence Party. Attempts by the All Stars to present programs in City schools have been rebuffed. [csr 5.3 2006]

New York State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer’s probe of the Lenora Fulani-affiliated All Stars Project, in New York City, is now being extended to look at possible misuse of funds by the program, which has been accused by a former project associate of institutionalized child abuse. The All Stars Project was one of 843 organizations to receive charitable donations from billionaire New York City Mayor Michael Blumberg, who also contributed to Fulani’s Independence Party. (Stefan C. Friedman, New York Post, Internet, 8/10/05; Thomas J. Lueck, New York Times, Internet, 8/17/05) [csr 4.3 2005 2005]

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