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Parents Say Daughter Lost to Guru 
Johannesburg, South Africa, couple Karen and Ian McMillan say their 18-year-old daughter, Diane, was lured via the Internet to Oregon by guru Amadon, whom she has now married, vowing never to return home. The Oregonian newspaper has published accounts describing Amadon as a “foul-mouthed zealot who psychologically controlled” his employees, two of whom won sexual harassment suits against him. They said he would evaluate their spiritual and psychological states daily, frequently touching them and asking about their sex lives.[csr 4.2 2005 2005] 

Diane, a devout Christian whose involvement with Amadon began while her mother was suffering a health crisis, wrote to her parents: “Amadon is everything I always thought he was. Now that I have left home and am a married woman, I am no longer under your control…If you reject my husband and these people, then you have rejected me. I don’t think that under those circumstances it’s possible for us to have any workable relationship.”(Kashiefa Ajam, Independent Online, Internet, 4/2/02) [csr 4.2 2005 2005]

The mother of Diane McMillan, a young South African who left home for Oregon to marry Amadon, guru of the Living Love Fellowship — he wooed her over the Internet starting when she was 15 — says her daughter may not be drugged or brainwashed. But “I feel she has been indoctrinated because she can see no wrong in Amadon. The two of them feel completely blameless. She listens to everything he says and does not question it.” (Kasheifa Ajam, Saturday Star in IOL, Internet, 6/11/05) [csr 4.2 2005]

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