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News Summaries From ICSA Periodicals
In response to abuses by some direct marketing operations, Amway has called on the Indian government to legislate regulations to protect the interests of both the industry and consumers. An Amway spokesman said, “There is not a country that I know of where the industry has prospered but doesn’t have specific legislation relative to the industry.” [csr 8.2, 2009)
A federal jury in Salt Lake City has fined four Amway distributors $19.25 million for spreading the rumor that Proctor & Gamble and its former corporate logo were linked to Satanic worship. P&G argued that the distributors perpetuated the preexisting rumor by spreading it among other Amway distributors in order to gain market advantage for products that competed with P&G’s. The decision relied partly on the Lanham Act, which prohibits unfair competition and false advertising. [csr 6.1 2007 2007]

Proctor & Gamble has asked the federal appeals court in Austin, TX, to reinstate its Texas lawsuit against Amway over rumors, allegedly spread by a group of Amway distributors, that P&G is linked to Satanic cults. Rumors begun in the 1970s linked P&G’s former crescent-shaped “man in the moon” logo to Satanism, and said that the P&G president was associated with the Church of Satan. P&G says an Amway distributor in Utah revived the latter rumor on the Amway national voice mail system in 1995. The case has been dismissed by several other appeals courts in recent years. (Jim Verturo, Salt Lake Tribune, Internet, 4/9/04) [csr 3.1 2004]

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