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Arthur G. Dozier School For Boys

Forensic anthropologists from the University of South Florida are searching the burial ground of the Arthur G. Dozier School for Boys, an organization notorious for brutal beatings, forced labor, neglect, and deaths from the time it opened in 1900 to when it closed in 2011. The effort was spurred in part by parents and relatives of young people who died at the facility over the decades, and by former students who have come forward to tell how they suffered at the school. The families of the dead want to know exactly where their children are buried in the graveyard, how they died, and whether their deaths were accidental or intentional. Some want the bodies brought home. A 2008 State investigation neither refuted nor substantiated the abuse charges; the families called this outcome a whitewash. Florida Senator Bill Nelson now urges the Justice Department to get involved: “I want to see if potential crimes were committed.” (The New York Times, 2/9/13) [IT 4.2 2013]

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