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MeadowHaven, Lakeville, Massachusetts

ICSA conducts two-hour meetings in the Boston area, jointly with MeadowHaven, a residential facility for former group members that is located about 25 miles south of Boston. The meetings take place at MeadowHaven and are directed by MeadowHaven’s founders, Rev. Robert and Judy Pardon (see bios below). The meetings are educational yet supportive. The plan is to explore a particular topic, e.g., resolving trauma, recovering from an aberrational Christian group, for 8 meetings, and then to explore another topic. Meetings take place on Saturday morning from 9:00 – 11:00. 

Former members of any high-control or cultic group are welcome. Through these meetings, participants can acquire conceptual tools to help them understand troubling issues, get to know others wrestling with similar problems, improve communication skills, and facilitate healing. 
There is no fee for the meetings, although we ask that participants become ICSA members, if they are not currently members. Contact ICSA if you are interested in participating or want additional information.

Please tell others who might be interested in these meetings, especially if you think they are not on our mailing list. 

Next Meeting Series Begins: March 31, 2018, from 9:00 – 11:00, at MeadowHaven. The topic is Abusive Authority: Issues and Answers.This particular support group is designed to help the former member deal with the general issue of abusive authority and its many manifestations. The intent is not to provide some magic “cure,” but to assist the former member in developing an understanding of abusive authority and corresponding skills to help their own healing. Topics Covered:

  • Identifying Authoritarian Leadership and Groups.
  • PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder): The Legacy of Abusive Authority.
  • Physiological Changes: How the Brain gets “Wired” (Triggers and feeling States).
  • Authoritarian Leadership and Narcissistic Personality Disorder.
  • Self Esteem and Abusive Authority.
  • Boundaries: Good and Bad.
  • Biblical and Psychological Qualities of a Healthy Leader.
About the Facilitators

Judy Pardon, MEd, has been a teacher and a counselor. Since 1992 she has been Associate Director of the New England Institute of Religious Research and MeadowHaven, where she has worked with former cult members, including some who have experienced profound trauma. She has also spoken widely on the subject and conducted training programs for human service personnel.

Robert Pardon, MDiv, ThM, is the Executive Director of the New England Institute of Religious Research and MeadowHaven. During the past several years he has specialized in Bible-based communal groups. Much of his work involves counseling, support groups, working with those born and/or raised in groups, and helping former members rebuild their lives. To facilitate the recovery process MeadowHaven, a long term rehabilitation facility was opened in 2002. It can accommodate individuals or families who require long term (up to a year) care to recover from trauma and cult abuse.

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