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Cultic Studies Journal

CSJ Vol.1. No. 1 (1984) – PDF ofIssue

Women,Elderly, and Children in Religious Cults. Marcia Rudin. (8-26) 

Brainwashingand the Moonies. Geri Ann Galanti, Ph.D. (27-36) 

Avoidingthe Extremes in Defining the Extremist Cult. Stephen M. Ash, Ph.D.(37-62) 

Deprogramming An Analysis of ParentalQuestionnaires. Michael D. Langone, Ph.D.(63-78) 

FamilyPerspectives on Involvements in New Religious Groups. Lawrence B.Sullivan, Ph.D.(79-102) 

BookReview: Influence: The New Psychology of Modern Persuasion(Robert Cialdini) – Steve Wolodkin,Reviewer 

CSJ Vol.1. No. 2 (1984) –PDF ofIssue

TrainingIssues for Cult Treatment Programs. David Halperin,M.D.(136-142) 

Cultsand Children: The Abuse of the Young. A. Markowitz, C.S.W. & D.Halperin, M.D.(143-155) 

MentalHealth Interventions in Cult-Related Cases: Preliminary Investigation ofOutcomes. Steve K. Dubrow-Eichel, Linda Dubrow-Eichel, & RobertaCobrin Eisenberg.(156-166) 

PreventiveEducation on Cultism for High School Students: A Comparison of DifferentPrograms’ Effects on Potential Vulnerability to Cults.Andrea Bloomgarden & Michael D.Langone, Ph.D.(167-177) 

Counselingand Involvements in New Religious Groups. Lawrence Bennett Sullivan,Ph.D.(178-195) 

OnResisting Social Influence. Susan Andersen, Ph.D. & PhilipZimbardo, Ph.D.(196-219) 

CSJ Vol.2. No. 1 (1985) –PDF ofIssue

Psychotherapyand the “New Religions”: Are They The Same?Daniel Kriegman, Ph.D. & LeonardSolomon, Ph.D.(2-16) 

Some NewReligions Are Dangerous. Arthur A. Dole, Ph.D. & Steve K.Dubrow-Eichel.(17-30) 

Cult-InducedPsychopathology, Part I: Clinical Picture. Stephen M. Ash,Psy.D.(31-90) 

Cults GoTo High School: A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis of the Initial Stage inthe Recruitment Process. Philip G. Zimbardo, Ph.D. & Cynthia F.Hartley. (91-147) 

CultInvolvement: Suggestions for Concerned Parents and Professionals.Michael D. Langone, Ph.D.(148-168) 

CSJ Vol.2. No. 2 (1985) –PDF ofIssue

Introductionto Special Issue: Cults, Evangelicals, and the Ethics of Social Influence.Michael D. Langone, Ph.D.(231-234) 

Shepherding/Discipleship:Theology and Practice of Absolute Obedience. LindaBlood.(235-245) 

CampusCrusade: Youth Ministers Find Public High School Campuses to be a Fertile Fieldfor Missionary Endeavor. Hope Aldrich.(246-251) 

Autobiographyof a Former Moonie. Gary Scharff.(252-258) 

WhyEvangelicals are Vulnerable to Cults. Rev. Dr. HaroldBussell.(259-266) 

ThePerils of Persuasive Preaching. Rev. A. Duane Litfin.(267-273) 

Selectionsfrom the Second Vatican Council’s Declaration on Religious Freedom.(274) 

NewOrganizations Operating Under the Protection Afforded to Religious Bodies.Resolution of the European Parliament.(275-277) 

Statement of Evaluation Regarding MaranathaCampus Ministries, Maranatha Christian Ministries, Maranatha Christian Church.A Committee of Evangelical Theologians.(278-283) 

Guidelinesfor Opus Dei in Westminister Diocese. Cardinal BasilHume.(284-285) 

Resolutionon Missionaries and Deprogramming. Department of Interreligious Affairs, UnitedAmerican Hebrew Congregations.(286-287) 

DiscipleAbuse. Rev. Gordon MacDonald.(288-295) 

How toTalk to People Who are Trying to Save You. Rev. Dr. Ross Miller.(296-298) 

Introduction to Contributions of theInter-Varsity Team. Dietrich Gruen.(299-300) [see pdf of issue]

Prologue:The Evangelicals Set Forth Their Case. DietrichGruen.(301-303) 

A Codeof Ethics for the Christian Evangelist. (304-305) 

EthicalEvangelism, Yes! Unethical Proselytizing, No!Rev. Dr. Gordon Lewis.(306-307) 

What isEvangelism?MarkMcCloskey.(308) 

Evangelism:Persuasion or Proselytizing?M.McCloskey.(309-310) 

TheEthics of Persuasion in a Pluralistic Culture. M.McCloskey.(311-314) 

An Ethicfor Christian Evangelism. R. Johannesen, Ph.D.(315) 

AHypothetical Example. Dietrich Gruen.(316) 

ReligiousFreedom at Secular Schools. John W. Alexander.(318-320) 

Of Cultsand Evangelicals: Labeling and Lumping. Ronald Enroth,Ph.D.(321-325) 

ChristianEvangelism and Social Responsibility: An Evangelical View. Rev. Dr.Joseph M. Hopkins.(326-329) 

ReligiousPluralism, Dialogue, and the Ethics of Social Influence. Rev. Dr.Eugene C. Kreider.(329-339) 

Evangelizationand Freedom in the Catholic Church. Rev. James J.LeBar.(340-347) 

ACatholic Viewpoint on Christian Evangelizers. Rev. Dr. James E.McGuire.(348-350) 

Ethicsin Proselytizing: A Jewish View. Rabbi Ralph D.Mecklenburger.(351-352) 

Evangelicalsand Cults. Marcia Rudin.(353-357) 

ObjectionableAspects of “Cults”: Rhetoric and Reality. Thomas Robbins,Ph.D.(358-370) 

Cults,Evangelicals, and the Ethics of Social Influence. Michael D.Langone, Ph.D.(371-387) 

BookReview: Influence: The New Psychology of Modern Persuasion(Robert Cialdini) – Steve Wolodkin(289-398) 

CSJ Vol.3. No. 1 (1986) –PDF ofIssue

Attackson Peripheral versus Central Elements of Self and the Impact of ThoughtReforming Techniques. Richard Ofshe, Ph.D. & Margaret ThalerSinger, Ph.D. (4-18) 

“MindControl” and the Battering of Women. Teresa Ramirez Boulette,Ph.D. & Susan Andersen, Ph.D. (19-27) 

CharismaticCovenant Community: A Failed Promise. Adrian J. Reimers.(28-42) 

CharismaticLeadership: A Case in Point. Natalie Isser, Ph.D. & Lita LinzerSchwartz, Ph.D. (43-57) 

TheSpiritual Crucible: A Critical Guide to America’s Religious/Cultic Renaissance.David Christopher Lane. (58-68) 

TheVatican Report – Sects or New Religious Movements: A Pastoral Challenge(69-84) 

Cultism:A Conference for Scholars and Policy Makers. Report of Wingspread Conference.Louis J. West, M.D. & Michael D. Langone, Ph.D. (85-96) 

The Useof Transcendental Meditation to Promote Social Progress in Israel.Mordecai Kaffman, M.D. (97-102) 

Comment- Reducing Conflict and Enhancing Quality of Life in Israel Using theTranscendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi Program: Explanation of a SocialResearch Project.CharlesN. Alexander, Ph.D. & David W. Orme-Johnson, Ph.D. (103-106) 

CSJ Vol.3. No. 2 (1986) –PDF ofIssue

Cultismand American Culture. Michael D. Langone, Ph.D(157-172) 

TheRabbi and the Sex Cult: Power Expansion in the Formation of a Cult.Richard Ofshe, Ph.D.(173-189) 

ParentalResponses to Their Children’s Cult Membership.Lita Linzer Schwartz,Ph.D.(190-203) 

MyExperience in YWAM: A Personal Account and Critique.Laurie Jacobson.(204-233) 

SomeHazards of the Therapeutic Relationship.Jane W. Temerlin, M.S.W. & MauriceK. Temerlin, Ph.D.(234-242) 

TheUtilization of Hypnotic Techniques in Religious Conversion. Jesse S.Miller, Ph.D.(243-250) 

BookReview: To Secure the Blessings of Liberty: American Constitutional Law and theNew Religious Movements(WilliamC. Shepherd) – Herbert Rosedale; Reviewer (251-257) 

BookReview: Why Cults Succeed Where Church Fails(Ronald M. Enroth & J. GordonMelton) – Walter Debold; Reviewer (258-263) 

BookReview: The God Hustlers(MaryH. Webb) – Lita Linzer Schwartz; Reviewer (264-267) 

CSJ Vol.4. No. 1 (1987) –PDF ofIssue

SomeRigors of Our Times: The First Amendment and Real Life and Death.One ACLU Member Looks at Guyana, Nazis, and Pornography. Fay Stender,Esq.(1-17) 

Commentson Stender Article. George Driesen, Peter N.Georgiades.(18-24) 

Psychoanalysisand Cult Affiliation: Clinical Perspectives. David Halperin,M.D.(25-37) 

The CultAppeal: Susceptibilities of the “Missionary Kid.”Margaret W. Long, Ph.D.(38-60) 

TeachingStudents Who Already Know the Truth. David McKenzie,Ph.D.(61-72) 

AComment on McKenzie. Ronald Enroth, Ph.D.(73-77) 

A Replyto Enroth. David McKenzie, Ph.D.(78-84) 

BookReview: Cult Controversies: The Societal Response to the New ReligiousMovements(James A.Beckford) – Richard Ofshe; Reviewer (85-87) 

BookReview: Church State Relations: Tensions and Transitions(Thomas Robbins & RolandRobertson) – Arthur A. Dole; Reviewer (88-89) 

BookReview: Cults, Culture, and the Law: Perspectives on New Religions Movements(Thomas Robbins & William C.Shepherd) – Ronald Enroth; Reviewer (90-91) 

BookReview: The Way of the Heart: The Rajneesh Movement(Judith Thompson & Paul Heelas) –John Hochman; Reviewer (92-95) 

BookReview: Therapist(EllenPlasil) – Nathaniel Brandon; Reviewer (96-98) 

CSJ Vol.4. No.2/Vol.5 No.1 Double Issue(1987/1988) –PDF ofIssue

Cult Vs.Non-Cult Jewish Families: Factors Influencing Conversion.Mark Sirkin, Ph.D. & Bruce A. Grellong,Ph.D.(2-22) 

FamilyEnvironment as a Factor in Vulnerability to Cult Involvement.Neil Maron, Ph.D.(23-43) 

Creatingthe Illusion of Mind Reading in a Self-Transformation Training.Robert C. Fellows, M.T.S.(44-58) 

“Rejectthe Wicked Man” – Coercive Persuasion and Deviance Production: A Study ofConflict Management.JerryPaul McDonald. (59-121) 

Litigatingthe Cult-Related Child Custody Case.Randy Francis Kandel,Esq.(122-131) 

Confessionsof a Cult Watcher. Ronald Enroth, Ph.D.(132-135) 

BookReview: The Health and Wealth Gospel(BruceBaron) – Rita Swan; Reviewer (136-139) 

Book Review: The Faith Assembly (Jack P. Clark)– Rita Swan; Reviewer (136-139) 

BookReview: Unmasking the New Age(DouglasR Groothius) – Herbert Schlossberg; Reviewer (140-144) 
Book Review: Unholy Spirits: Occultism and New AgeHumanism (Gary North) – Herbert Schlossberg; Reviewer (140-144) 

BookReview: Spiritual Choices: The Problem of Recognizing Authentic and InauthenticPaths to Inner Transformation(DickAnthony) – Timothy Brauns; Reviewer (145-149) 

CSJ Vol.5. No. 2 (1988) –PDF ofIssue

Troublein Paradise: Some Observations on Psychotherapy with New Agers.Steve & LindaDubrow-Eichel.(177-192) 

Psychotherapywith Ex-Cultists: Four Case Studies and Commentary. L. Goldberg,M.S.W. & W. Goldberg, M.S.W.(193-210) 

Psychotherapyof a Casualty from a Mass Therapy Encounter Group: A Case Study.Anita O. Solomon, Ph.D.(211-227) 

RitualisticAbuse of Children: Dynamics and Impact.Susan J. Kelley, R.N.,Ph.D.(228-236) 

Authority:Its Use and Abuse – A Christian Perspective.Floyd McClung, Jr.(237-245) 

BookReview: The Lure of the Cults and New Religions(Ronald Enroth) – Walter Debold;Reviewer (246-247) 

BookReview: Unholy Devotion: Why Cults Lure Christians(Harold Bussell) – Richard L.Dowhower; Reviewer (248) 

BookReview: The Family and Unification Church(Gene G. James) – Michael Langone;Reviewer (249-251) 

BookReview: The Faith Healers(JamesRandi) – Lawrence Cranberg; Reviewer 252-253) 

BookReview: Cults and Consequences: The Definitive Handbook(Rachel Andres & James R. Lane) –Anita O. Solomon (254-255) 

BookReview: The Anatomy of Illusion: Religious Cults and Destructive Persuasion(Thomas W. Keiser & Jacqueline LKeiser) – Mark Sirkin; Reviewer (256-257) 

CSJ Vol.6. No. 1 (1989) –PDF ofIssue

CoercedConfessions: The Logic of Seemingly Irrational Action.Richard Ofshe, Ph.D.(1-15) 

SocialInfluence: Ethical Considerations.MichaelLangone, Ph.D.(16-24) 

LegalAnalysis of Intent as a Continuum Emphasizing Social Context of Volition.Herbert L. Rosedale, Esq.(25-31) 

State ofIsrael Report of the Interministerial Committee Set Up to Examine Cults(“New Groups”) in Israel.(32-68) 

LitigatingChild Custody with Religious Cults.Ford Greene, Esq.(69-75) 

Cultsand Children: The Role of the Psychotherapist.David Halperin, M.D.(76-85) 

FamilyResponses to a Young Adult’s Cult Membership and Return.Lorna Goldberg, M.S.W & WilliamGoldberg, M.S.W..(86-100) 

BookReview: Combatting Cult Mind Control(Steve Hassan) – Robert E. Schecter;Reviewer (101) 

BookReview: The Ultimate Game: The Rise and Fall of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh(Kate Strelley & Robert D. SanSouci) – Linda James; Reviewer (102-104) 

BookReview: A Different Gospel(D.R.McConnell) – William W. Menzies; Reviewer (105-106) 

BookReview: Cults: Faith Healing and Coercion(Marc Galanter) – Margaret T. Singer;Reviewer (107-116) 

CSJ Vol.6. No. 2 (1989) –PDF ofIssue

Deprogramming:A Case Study. Steve Dubrow-Eichel, Ph.D.– special issue(1-117) 

CSJ Vol.7. No. 1 (1990) –PDF ofIssue

Cultsand the European Parliament: A Practical Political Response to an InternationalProblem. David Wilshire, MA, MP.(1-14) 

Prosecutingan Ex-Cult Member’s Undue Influence Suit.Lawrence Levy, J.D.(15-25) 

The NewAge Movement: Fad or Menace?ArthurDole, Ph.D., Michael Langone, Ph.D., & Steve Dubrow-Eichel,Ph.D.(26-40) 

TheInvolvement of College Students in Totalist Groups: Causes, Concerns, LegalIssues, and Policy Considerations.GregoryBlimling, Ph.D.(41-68) 

Reintegrationof Exiting Cult Members with their Families: A Brief Intervention Model.Kevin Crawley, Diana Paulina, M.Ed.,& Robert White, L.D.(69-91) 

BookReview: Spiritual Warfare: The Politics of the Christian Right(Sarah Diamond) – Ronald Enroth;Reviewer (192-194) 

CSJ Vol.7. No. 2 (1990) –PDF of Issue

PsychotherapyCults.Margaret T.Singer, Ph.D., Maurice Temerlin, Ph.D., & Michael D. Langone,Ph.D.(101-125) 

PersuasiveTechniques in Contemporary Cults: A Public Health Approach. Louis J.West, M.D.(126-149) 

CultViolence and the Identity Movement. Thomas J. Young,Ph.D.(150-159) 

TheFalse Transformational Promise of Bible-Based Cults: Archetypal Dynamics.Nadine Craig, M.A. & RobertWeathers, Ph.D.(160-173) 

Deprogramming:A Case Study – Part II: Conversation Analysis.Steve K. Dubrow-Eichel,Ph.D.(174-216) 

BookReview: Cults and New Religious Movements, Understanding Cults and NewReligions,(IrvingHexham & Karla Poewe) – Frank MacHovec; Reviewer (217-218) 

BookReview: Cults, Sects and the New Age(Rev. James J. LeBar) – Wallace W.Winchell; Reviewer (219) 

BookReview: Painted Black(CarlRaschke) – Linda Blood; Reviewer (220-226) 

CSJVol.8. No. 1 (1991) – PDF of Issue
Cult Formation. Robert Jay Lifton, M.D.(1-6) 

The Effect of Religious Cults on Western Mainstream Religion.Marcia Rudin, M.A. & Rabbi A. James Rudin, M.A.(7-36) 

The Historical Dimension of Cultic Techniques of Persuasionand Control. Lita Linzer Schwartz, Ph.D.(37-45) 

Residential Treatment: The Potential for Cultic Evolution. DavidA. Halperin, M.D. & Arnold Markowitz, M.S.W.(46-60) 

Cults in Court. Sarah Van Hoey.(61-79) 

Book Review: Behind the Watchtower Curtain: The SecretSociety of Jehovah’s Witnesses (David A. Reed) – Hero M. Lucas;Reviewer (80) 

Book Review: The Disciplining Dilemma (FlavilR. Yeakley) – Walter Debold; Reviewer (81-83) 

Book Review: In Pursuit of Satan: The Police and the Occult (RobertD. Hicks) – Frank J. MacHovec; Reviewer (84) 

Book Review: Money and Power in New Religions (J.T.Richardson) – Frank J MacHovec; Reviewer (85) 

Book Review: The New Age Rage (Karen Hoyt &The Spiritual Counterfeits Project) – Lawrence Levy; Reviewer (86) 

Book Review: Leaving Cults: The Dynamics of Defection (StuartA. Wright) – Arthur Dole; Reviewer (87-90) 

CSJVol.8. No. 2 (1991) – PDF of Issue

Conversion, Religious Change, and the Challenge of NewReligious Movements. Johannes Aagaard, Ph.D..(91-103) 

Why Cultic Groups Develop and Flourish: A Historian’sPerspective. Natalie Isser, Ph.D.(104-121) 

Ritual Child Abuse: Understanding the Controversies. DavidLloyd, Esq.(122-133) 

Outreach to Ex-Cult Members: The Question of Terminology.Michael Langone, Ph.D. & William Chambers, Ph.D.(134-150) 

Interesting Times. Kevin Garvey & LindaBlood.(151-190) 

Task Force Study of Ritual Crime. Michael Maddox,Esq. & the Virginia State Crime Commission.(191-250) 

Book Review: Tu Eres El Amor de Dios (AlfredoSilleta) – Gladys Martin; Reviewer (251) 

Book Review: Monkey on a Stick (John Hubner& Lindsey Gruson) – Arthur Dole; Reviewer (252-254) 

Book Review: Exit Counseling: A Family Intervention (CarolGiambalvo) – Judy Safransky; Reviewer (255-256) 

Book Review: Cults on Campus: Continuing Challenge (MarciaRudin) – Doris Holloway Abels; Reviewer (257) 

CSJVol.9. No. 1 (1992) – PDF of Issue

The Cadre Ideal: Origins and Development of a PoliticalCult. Janja Lalich. (1-77) 

Psychiatric Problems in Ex-Members of Word of Life. GudrunSwartling, O.T. & Per G. Swartling, M.D.(78-88) 

The Council of Europe’s Report on Sects and New ReligiousMovements. (89-119) 

Book Review: The New Age: A Christian Critique (RalphRath) –Walter Debold; Reviewer (120-121) 

Book Review: The Wrong Way Home (A.J.Deikman) –Frank MacHovec; Reviewer (122) 

Book Review: The Divine Archetype: The Sociobiology andPsychology of Religion (Brant Wenegrat) –John Hochman; Reviewer(122-124) 

Book Review: Les Sectes en France (Le Centre deDocumentation, d’Education, et d”Action Contre les Manipulations Mentales) –MichaelLangone; Reviewer (125) 

Book Review : La Persuasione Socialment Accettata, Il Plagioe Il Lavaggio del Cervello (M. DiFiorino) – Michael Langone, Reviewer(126-128) 

Book Review : The Satanism Scare (J.T.Richardson, J. Best, D. Bromley) –Carl Raschke; Reviewer (129-135) 

CSJVol.9. No. 2 (1992) – PDF of Issue

Psychotherapy Cults: An Ethical Analysis. KimBoland & Gordon Lindbloom, Ph.D.(137-162) 

Cults, Coercion, and Contumely. M. Singer,Ph.D. & M. Addis.(163-189) 

The Appeal of the Impossible and the Efflorescence of theUnbelievable: A Psychoanalytic Perspective on Cults and Occultism. DavidA. Halperin, Ph.D.(190-205) 

Psychological Abuse. Michael D. Langone,Ph.D.(206-218) 

Post-Cult Symptoms as Measured by the MCMI Before and AfterResidential Treatment. Paul R. Martin, Ph.D., Michael D.Langone, Ph.D., Arthur A. Dole, Ph.D., & Jeffrey Wiltrout.(219-250) 

Book Review: The Gnostic Mystery (AndreaGrace Diem) – Walter Debold, Reviewer (251-252) 

Book Review: Orthodoxy and Heresy: A Biblical Guide toDoctrinal Discernment (R. M. Bowman) – Frank MacHovec, Reviewer(253) 

Book Review: Churches that Abuse (RonaldEnroth) – Maxine Pinson, Reviewer (254-257) 

Book Review: Apologetics in the New Age: A ChristianCritique of Pantheism – Richard L. Dowhower, Reviewer (258-259) 

Book Review: Leaders and Followers: A PsychiatricPerspective on Religious Cults (Committee on Psychiatry and Religion, Group forthe Advancement of Psychiatry) – John Hochman, Reviewer(260-261) 

Book Review: Cults and Personality (FrankMacHovec) – Lita Schwartz, Reviewer (262-263) 

CSJVol.10. No. 1 (1993) – PDF of Issue
Undue Influence in Contract and Probate Law.Abraham Nievod, Ph.D., J.D.(1-18) 

Undue Influence and Written Documents: PsychologicalAspects. Margaret Thaler Singer, Ph.D.(19-32) 

The Dark Underside: Cultic Misappropriation of Psychiatryand Psychoanalysis. David Halperin, M.D.(33-44) 

Cult Conversion, Deprogramming, and the Triune Brain. Geri-AnnGalanti.(45-52) 

Is the New Age Movement Harmless? Critics vs. Experts.A. Dole, Ph.D., M. Langone, Ph.D., & S. Dubrow-Eichel, Ph.D.(53-77) 

Book Review: Perspectives on the New Age (James.R Lewis & Gordon Melton) –Arthur Dole; Reviewer (78-79) 

Book Review: Churches That Abuse (RonaldEnroth) –Margaret Singer; Reviewer (80-84) 

Book Review: The Subtle Power of Spiritual Abuse (DavidJohnson & Jeff Van Vonderen) –Maxine Pinson; Reviewer (85) 

Book Review: Captive Heart, Captive Minds: Freedom andRecovery from Cults and Other Abusive Relationships (MadeleineTobias & Janja Lalich) –Carol Giambalvo; Reviewer (86-90) 

Book Review: What to Do When Psychotherapy Goes Wrong (ShirleyJ. Siegel) –Marvin Snider; Reviewer (91-93) 

Book Review: Sectas: Cuando el Paraiso es un Infierno (AlfredoSilleta) –Gladys Martin; Reviewer (94) 

Book Review: Lyndon LaRouche and the New American Fascism (DennisKing) – Andrea Bloomgarden; Reviewer (95-97) 

Book Review: Out of the Darkness: Exploring Satanism andRitual Abuse (D.K. Sakheim & S.E. Devine) –Charles HarveyMiley; Review (98-99) 

CSJ Vol.10. No. 2(1993) – PDF of Issue

Introduction to special issue, “A Dialogue with Dr. JohannesAagaard.” Paul K. Eckstein.(100-102) 

Symposium with Johannes Aagaard.(103-194) 

Pluralism, Deeds, Creeds, and Cults. Michael Langone, Ph.D.(195-202) 

An Exit Counselor’s Perspective. David Clark.(203-206) 

Religious Recoding. Rev. Walter Debold.(207-215) 

Returning to Cosmology: The Logic of the Discussion and the Language of theSoul. Paul K. Eckstein.(216-218) 

Book Review: Recovery from Cults: Help for Victims of Psychological andSpiritual Abuse (Michael Langone) –Arthur Dole; Reviewer (219-221) 

Book Review: Touchstones: Reconnecting After a Cult Experience (Carroll Stoner& Cynthia Kisser) – Paul Engel; Reviewer (222) 

Book Review: Recovery from Abusive Groups (Wendy Ford) –Lee Anne Pellegrini;Reviewer (223-225) 

CSJ Vol.11. No. 1 (1994) – PDF of Issue

Strongly Held Views About the New Age: Critics Versus Experts. Arthur Dole,Ph.D. & Michael Langone, Ph.D.(1-28) 

God’s Company: New Age Ethics and the Bank of Credit and CommerceInternational. Paul Heelas, Ph.D.(29-36) 

Never Say Die. Jeanne Marie Laskas.(37-55) 

The Experience of the SPES Foundation: Some Remarks on the Different AttitudesToward New Religious Movements in Argentina and in Europe. Jose Maria Baamonde,Ph.D.(56-65) 

Cults in Latin America. Alfredo Silletta.(66-76) 

More Than the Devil’s Due. Adrian J. Reimers, Ph.D.(77-87) 

The Group Psychological Abuse Scale: A Measure of the Varieties of CulticAbuse. William Chambers, Ph.D., Michael Langone, Ph.D., Arthur Dole, Ph.D.,& James W. Grice.(88-117) 

Book Review: The Protean Self (Robert Jay Lifton) –Walter Debold; Reviewer(118-120) 

Book Review: The Cult Experience: An Overview of Cults, Their Tradition and WhyPeople Join Them (John J. Collins) –Louis Jolyon West; Reviewer (121-122) 

Book Review: Mystical Diets (Jack Raso) –NCAHF Newsletter; Reviewer (123) 

Book Review: Dictionary of Cults, Sects, Religions, and the Occult (George A.Mather and Larry A. Nichols) –Maxine Pinson; Reviewer (123-125) 

Book Review: The New Age in Argentina (Alfredo Silletta) –Gladys Martin;Reviewer (126-127) 

CSJ Vol.11. No. 2 (1994) – PDF of Issue

Lustful Prophet: A Psychosexual Historical Study of the Children of God’sLeader, David Berg. Stephen A. Kent, Ph.D. (135-188) 

Psychological Issues of Former Fundamentalists. James C. Moyers.(189-199) 

Promises and Illusions: A Commencement Address. Herbert L. Rosedale,Esq.(200-210) 

Sleep Deprivation. Jean-Louis Valatx.(211-216) 

Book Review : Therapy Gone Mad (Carol Lynn Mithers) –Doni Whitsett ; Reviewer(217-218) 

Book Review: Madame Blavatsky’s Baboon (Peter Washington) –Joseph Szimhart;Reviewer (219-221) 

Book Review: The Guru Papers (Joel Kramer, Diana Alstad) –Frank MacHovec;Reviewer (222) 

Book Review: Shooting for the Stars (Ross Clifford and Philip Johnson) –WalterDebold; Reviewer (223) 

Book Review: The Celestine Prophecy (James Redfield) –Joseph Szimhart; Reviewer(223-226) 

Book Review: Blurred Boundaries (M.C. Miller) –Frank MacHovec (227) 

Book Review: Mind-Forged Manacles (Thomas Case) –Walter Debold; Reviewer(228-233) 

CSJ Vol.12. No. 1 (1995) –PDF of Issue

Cults in American Society. American Bar Association Commission on Mental andPhysical Disability Law. (1-48) 

Expanding the Groupthink Explanation to the Study of Contemporary Cults. MarkN. Wexler, Ph.D.(49-71) 

Judgment by the Fukuoka (Japan) District Court on the UnificationChurch.(72-102) 

Book Review: The Kingdom of Matthias: A Story of Sex and Salvation in the 19thCentury American (Paul Johnson, Sean Wilentz) –James C. Moyers; Reviewer(103-106) 

Book Review: Without Sin: The Life and Death of the Onieda Community (SpencerKlaw) –James C. Moyers; Reviewer (103-106) 

Book Review: Sin—Radical Evil in Soul and Society (Ted Peters) –RichardDowhower; Reviewer (107-109) 

Book Review: More Revealed: A Critical Analysis of Alcoholics Anonymous and theTwelve Steps (K. Ragge) –Frank MacHovec; Reviewer (110-111) 

Book Review: When the New Age Gets Old: Looking for a Greater Spirituality (V.Mangalwadi) –Frank MacHovec; Reviewer (112) 

Book Review: Dictionary of Cults, Sects, Religion and the Occult (George Mather& Larry Nichols) –Arthur Dole; Reviewer (113-116) 

Book Review: The New Satanists (Linda Blood) –Eleanor S. Clark; Reviewer(117-119) 

CSJ Vol.12. No. 2 (1995) – PDF of Issue

Clinical Case Studies of Cult Members. Arthur Dole, Ph.D.(121-147) 

Personality, Belief in the Paranormal, and Involvement with Satanic PracticesAmong Young Adult Males. Stuart M. Leeds.(148-165) 

Secular and Religious Critiques of Cults: Complementary Visions, NotIrresolvable Conflicts. Michael D. Langone, Ph.D.(166-186) 

Women and Cults: A Lawyer’s Perspective. Herbert Rosedale, Esq.(187-194) 

Book Review: Cults in Our Midst (Margaret Singer, Janja Lalich) –Rev. WalterDebold; Reviewr (195-197) 

Book Review: Spying in Guru Land (William Shaw) –Joseph Szimhart; Reviewer(198-202) 

Book Review: Lambs to Slaughter (John Pietrangelo) –Joseph Szimhart; Reviewer(203-207) 

Book Review: Saints and Psychopaths (William Hamilton) –Joseph Szimhart;Reviewer (208-210) 

Book Review: Les Sectes: etat d’urgence (Centre de documentation, d’educationand d’action contre les manipulations mentales) –Kay Schenk; Reviewer(211-215) 

CSJ Vol.13. No. 1 (1996) – PDF of Issue

Legal Decision: Borawick v. Shay. (2-25) 

Commentary on Borawick v. Shay: The Fate of Hypnotically Retrieved Memories.Alan W. Scheflin, Esq.(26-41) 

Commentary on …Borawick v. Shay: Hypnosis, Social Influence, Incestuous ChildAbuse, and Satanic Ritual Abuse: The Iatrogenic Creation of Horrific Memoriesfor the Remote Past. Robert A. Karlin, Ph.D., & Martin T. Orne, M.D.,Ph.D.(42-94) 

Ethical Standards for Thought Reform Consultants. Carol Giambalvo, JosephKelly, Patrick Ryan & Madeleine Landau Tobias.(95-106) 

Book Review: “Crazy” Therapies. (Margaret Singer & Janja Lalich) – KeithHarary; Reviewer (107) 

Book Review: Prophets of the Apocalypse. (Kenneth Samples, Erwin M de Castro,Richard Abanes, Robert J. Lyle) – Linda James; Reviewer (108-112) 

Book Review: Take Me for a Ride. (Mark Laxer) – Joseph Szimhart; Reviewer(113-114) 

Book Review: Dangerous Persuaders. (Louise Samways) – Joseph Szimhart; Reviewer(115) 

Book Review: America’s Alternative Religions. (Timothy Miller) – Arthur Dole;Reviewer (116-118) 

Book Review: Recovering from Churches That Abuse. (Ronald Enroth) – FrankMacHovec; Reviewer (119-120) 

Book Review: Conversions: A Philosophic Memoir. (A.L. Rosenthal) – FrankMacHovec; Reviewer (121) 

Book Review: Christians in the Crossfire. (Mark McCann, James Foster) – ChristinaM. Lemieux; Reviewer (122-123) 

CSJ Vol.13. No. 2 (1996) –PDF of Issue

Pseudo-identity and the Treatment of Personality Change in Victims of Captivityand Cults. Louis J. West, M.D. & Paul Martin, Ph.D.(125-152) 

Psychosocial Evaluation of Suspected Psychological Maltreatment in Children andAdolescents. American Professional Society on the Abuse ofChildren.(153-170) 

Group Influence and the Psychology of Cultism Within Re-evaluation Counseling:A Critique. Dennis Tourish, M.Sc., Ph.D. & Pauline Irving, M.Sc., Dip.C.G., C.Psych., Ph.D.(171-193) 

The Threat to Entrepreneurial Freedom and Initiative Posed by “NewAge” Management Training Programs. Herbert L. Rosedale,Esq.(194-207) 

Book Review: Urantia: The Great Cult Mystery. (Martin Gardner) – DouglasGroothuis; Reviewer (208-209) 

Book Review: The Emerging Network: A Sociology of New Age and Neo-PaganMovements. (M. York) – Frank MacHovec; Reviewer (210-211) 

Book Review: Hypocrisy and Dissent within the Findhorn Foundation. (Stephen J.Castro) – Mari Tachikawa; Reviewer (212-213) 

Book Review: Jesus in an Age of Controversy. (Douglas Groothuis) – JosephSzimhart; Reviewer (214-215) 

Book Review: Religion and the Clinical Practice of Psychology. (E.P.Shafranske) – Frank MacHovec; Reviewr (216-218) 

Book Review: Cults and the Occult. (E.C. Gruss) – Frank MacHovec; Reviewr(219) 

Book Review: Out of the Cults and into the Church: Understanding andEncouraging Ex Cultists. (Janis Hutchinson) – Patrick Knapp; Reviewer(220) 

Book Review: All the Emperor’s Men. (Garry A. Greenwood) – Joseph Szimhart;Reviewer (221-225) 

CSJ Vol.14. No. 1 (1997) – PDF of Issue

Introduction: “We Own Her Now.” Janja Lalich.(1-3) 

Dominance and Submission: The Psychosexual Exploitation of Women in Cults.Janja Lalich.(4-21) 

Gender Attributes That Affect Women’s Attraction to and Involvement in Cults.Shelly Rosen.(22-39) 

Mothers In Cults: The Influence of Cults on the Relationship of Mothers toTheir Children. Alexandra Stein.(40-57) 

Sex, Lies, and Grand Schemes of Thought in Closed Groups. A Collective ofWomen.(58-84) 

No Place to Go: Life in a Prison Without Bars. Katherine Betz.(85-105) 

Wifely Subjection: Mental Health Issues in Jehovah’s Witness Women. Kaynor J.Weishaupt & Michael D. Stensland.(106-144) 

Working with Women Survivors of Cults: An Empowerment Model for Counselors.Penny Dahlen.(145-154) 

Book Review: Traveller in Space: In Search of Female Identity in TibetanBuddhism. (June Campbell) – Joseph Szimhart; Reviewer (155-156) 

Book Review: Daughters of the Goddess: The Women Saints of India. (LindaJohnsen) – Joseph Kelly; Reviewer (157) 

Book Review: Moon Sisters, Krishna Mothers, Rajneesh Lovers: Women’s Roles inNew Religions. (Susan Jean Palmer) – Janja Lalich; Reviewer (158-160) 

Book Review: Little X Growing up in the Nation of Islam. (Sonsyrea Tate) –Kathy Klein; Reviewer (161) 

Book Review: Make Believe: A True Story. (Diana Athill) – Kathy Klein; Reviewer(162-164) 

Book Review: Trauma and Recovery. (Judith Lewis Herman) – Sharon Hamm; Reviewer(165-169) 

CSJ Vol.14. No. 2 (1997) – PDF of Issue

Hypnosis and the Iatrogenic Creation of Memory: On the Need for a Per SeExclusion of Testimony Based on Hypnotically Influenced Recall. Robert A.Karlin & Martin T. Orne.(172-206) 

False Memory and Buridan’s Ass: A Response to Karlin and Orne. Alan W.Scheflin.(207-289) 

The Individual Cult Experience Index: The Assessment of Cult Involvement andIts Relationship to Postcult Distress. Nadine Winocur, Jonibeth Whitney, CarolSorenson, Peggy Vaughn, & David Foy.(290-306) 

Book Review: Feet of Clay: Saints, Sinners, and Madmen, A Study of Gurus.(Anthony Storr) – Frank MacHovec; Reviewer (307-308) 

Book Review: Betrayal of the Spirit: My Life Behind the Headlines of the HareKrishna Movement. (Nori Muster) – Joseph Szimhart; Reviewer (309-310) 

Book Review: Leaving the Fold. (Edward T. Babinski) – Walter Debold; Reviewer(311-312) 

Book Review: A Time to Laugh. (B.J. Oropeza) – Frank MacHovec; Reviewer(313) 

Book Review: The Dynamics of Religions Conversion. (V.B. Gillespie) – FrankMacHovec; Reviewer (314-315) 

Book Review: The Prophets Children: Travels on the American Left. (TimWohlforth) – Dennis Tourish; Reviewer (316-320) 

CSJ Vol.15. No. 1 (1998) – PDF of Issue

Women, the Law, and Cults: Three Avenues of Legal Recourse—New Rape Laws,Violence Against Women Act, and Antistalking Laws. Robin A. Boyle,J.D.(1-32) 

Ideological Intransigence, Democratic Centralism, and Cultism: A Case Studyfrom the Political Left. Dennis Tourish, Ph.D.(33-67) 

Residence Halls and Cults: Fact or Fiction? Russell K. Elleven, Ed.D., CarolynW. Kern, Ph.D., & Katherine Claunch Moore(68-76) 

A Comment on the Debate Between Scheflin and Karlin and Orne on theAdmissibility of Hypnotically Refreshed Testimony. Gilbert C. Hoover, IV,Esq.(77-82) 

In Favor of a Per Se Exclusion of Hypnotically Influenced Testimony: A Reply toHoover. Robert A. Karlin, Ph.D. and Martin T. Orne, M.D., Ph.D.(83-86) 

Brief Report: Perceived Psychological Abuse and the Cincinnati Church ofChrist. Donna L. Adams(87-88) 

Book Review: A Force upon the Plain: The American Militia Movement and thePolitics of Hate. (Kenneth Stern) – Frank MacHovec; Reviewer (89-90) 

Book Review: Sects and New Religious Movements: An Anthology of Texts from theCatholic Church. (The Working Group on New Religious Movements) – WalterDebold; Reviewer (91-93) 

Book Review: The Walking Wounded. (J. Reynalds) – Frank MacHovec; Reviewer(94-95) 

Book Review: Reincarnation: The Missing Link in Christianity. (Elizabeth ClareProphet, Erin L. Prophet) – Joseph Szimhart; Reviewer (96-97) 

Book Review: The Mother of God. (Luna Tarlo) – Joseph Szimhart; Reviewer(98-100) 

Book Review: The Psychology of Religion: An Empirical Approach (2nd ed.). (R.W.Hood, B Spilka, B. Hunsberger, R. Gorsuch) – Frank MacHovec; Reviewer(101-103) 

Book Review: The Boston Movement: Clinical Perspectives on the InternationalChurches of Christ, 2nd revised edition. (Carol Giambalvo, Herbert Rosedale) –Faye L. Snider; Reviewer (104-106) 

CSJ Vol.15. No. 2 (1998) – PDF of Issue

Special Collection. Recovery From Cults: A Pastoral/Psychological Dialogue –Personal Accounts(107-108) 

Moments of Grace. Nancy Miquelon(109-119) 

Nothing Need Go to Waste. Patrick Knapp(120-129) 

From Counterfeit to Truth: A Personal Quest. Carson Miles(130-138) 

Bible-Cult Mind Control. David Clark(139-150) 

Overcoming the Bondage of Revictimization: A Rational/Empirical Defense ofThought Reform. Paul R. Martin, Ph.D., Lawrence Pile, Ron Burks, & StephenMartin(151-191) 

Cult Experience: Psychological Abuse, Distress, Personality Characteristics,and Changes in Personal Relationships Reported by Former Members of ChurchUniversal and Triumphant. Irene Gasde, Richard Block, Ph.D.(192-221) 

Book Review: Religion and the Social Order (Vol. 3 of The Handbook on Cults andSects in America). (D.G. Bromley, J. Hadden) – Arthur Dole; Reviewer(222-224) 

Book Review: The Recovered Memory/False Memory Debate. (Kathy Pezdek, WilliamBanks) – Arthur Dole; Reviewer (225-228) 

Book Review: Fire and Blood: The True Story of David Koresh and the Waco Siege.(David Leppard) – Kimberly Salow; Reviewr (229) 

Book Review: Understanding New Religious Movements. (John A. Saliba) – JosephSzimhart; Reviewer (230-233) 

Book Review: Cult Encounter and an International Story of a Family’s Experienceof Exit Counseling (Ethical Deprogramming of the Nineties). (Helen & RickLarsen) – Joseph Szimhart; Reviewer (234-235) 

CSJ Vol.16. No. 1 (1999) – PDF of Issue

How Childlren in Cults May Use Emancipation Laws to Free Themselves. Robin A.Boyle(1-32) 

Psychological Distress in Former Members of the International Churches ofChrist and Noncultic Groups. Peter T. Malinoski, Michael D. Langone, &Steven Jay Lynn(33-51) 

In Good Faith: Society and the New Religious Movements, Summary Report. SwedishGovernment Commission(52-63) 

Book Review: In the Shadow of the Moons: My Life in the Reverend Sun MyungMoon’s Family. (Nansook Hong) – Marcia Rudin; Reviewer (64-66) 

Book Review: Seductive Poison: A Jonestown Survivor’s Story of Life and Deathin the People’s Temple. (Deborah Layton) – Marcia Rudin; Reviewer (67-69) 

Book Review: Memory, Trauma Treatment, and the Law. (Daniel Brown, AlanScheflin, D. Corydon Hammond) – Helen L. McGonigle; Reviewer (70-73) 

Book Review: Thieves of Innocence. (John Ankerberg, J. Weldon, F. Brach) – LitaLinzer Schwartz; Reviewer (74) 

Book Review: Wolves within the Fold: Religious Leadership and Abuses of Power.(Anson Shupe) – Joseph Szimhart; Reviewer (75-77) 

Book Review: How to Rescue Your Loved One from Mormonism. (David Reed, JohnFarkas) – Marvin W. Clifford; Reviewer (78-79) 

Book Review: Boy Soldiers. (A. Hicklin) – Frank MacHovec; Reviewer(80-81) 

CSJ Vol. 16. No. 2 (1999) – PDF of Issue

Shipwrecked in the Spirit: Implications of Some Controversial CatholicMovements. Judith Church Tydings(83-179) 

Comment on “Shipwrecked in the Spirit”: An Urgent Pastoral Concern.Michael Duggan(180-184) 

Proposing a “Bill of Inalienable Rights” for Intentional Communities.Benjamin Zablocki(185-192) 

How Should the Communities Movement Handle Questions of Abuse? Responding toBenjamin Zablocki’s Proposed “Bill of Rights.” LairdSandhill(193-196) 

Comment on Leeds (1995). Paul Cardwell, Jr.(197-202) 

Book Review: Anti-Cult Movements in Cross-Cultural Perspective. (Anson Supe,David Bromley) – Arthur Dole; Reviewer (203-204) 

Book Review: Snowboarding to Nirvana. (Frederick Lenz) – Joseph Szimhart;Reviewer (205-210) 

Book Review: The Spiritualists: The Passion for the Occult in the Nineteenthand Twentieth Centuries. Joseph Szimhart; Reviewer (211-212) 

Book Review: The Culting of America. (Ron Rhodes) – Christine Lemieux; Reviewer(213-214) 

Book Review: Handbook of Religious Experience. (R.W. Hood) – Frank MacHovec;Reviewer (215-216) 

Book Review: A Consumer’s Guide to “Alternative Medicine”: A Close Look atHomeopathy, Acupuncture, Faith-Healing, And Other Unconventional Treatments.(Ken Butler) – Frank MacHovec; Reviewer (217-219) 

CSJ Vol. 17 (2000) – PDF of Issue

Child Fatalities from Religion-Motivated Neglect. Seth M. Asser, M.D. &Rita Swan, Ph.D.(1-14) 

Prophets of the Apocalypse: White Supremacy and the Theology of ChristianIdentity. Dennis Tourish, PH.D. & Tim Wohlforth(15-41) 

Domestic Violence as a Cultic System. David Ward(42-55) 

Brainwashing and Re-Indoctrination Programs in the Children of God/The Family.Stephen A. Kent, Ph.D. & Deana Hall(56-78) 

The Two “Camps” of Cultic Studies: Time for a Dialogue. Michael Langone,Ph.D.(79-100) 

“Mind Control” in New Religious Movements and the American PsychologicalAssociation. Dr. Alberto Amitrani & Dr. Raffaella Di Marzio(101-121) 

Blind or Just Don’t Want to See? Brainwashing, Mystification, and Suspicion.Dr. Alberto Amitrani & Dr. Raffaella Di Marzio(122-142) 

The Relation of Group Philosophy to Different Types of Dangerous Conduct inCultic Groups. Dianne Casoni, Ph.D.(143-167) 

The Falun Gong: Beyond the Headlines. Patsy Rahn(168-186) 

Comment on Tydings’ “Shipwrecked in the Spirit” – Walter Debold (187-188) 

Book Review: The Suggestibility of Children’s Recollections: Implications forEyewitness Testimony. Doni Whitsett; Reviewer (189-191) 

Book Review: Jesus Doesn’t Live Here Anymore: From Fundamentalists to FreedomWriter. Nadine Winocur; Reviewer (192-194) 

Book Review: Corporate Cults: The Insidious Lure of the All-ConsumingOrganization. Dennis Tourish; Reviewer (195-198) 

Book Review: The Socratic Universe: Interviews with California Philosophers.Frank MacHovec; Reviewer (199) 

Book Review: The Tenth Insight: Holding the Vision. Joseph Szimhart; Reviewer(200-203) 

Book Review: Peculiar Prophets: Biographical Dictionary of New Religions.Joseph Szimhart; Reviewer (204) 

Book Review: Holy Smoke. Joseph Szimhart; Reviewer (205-210) 

Book Review: “Cult” Alert: A Practical Handbook for Saving Families. JosephSzimhart; Reviewer (211-213) 

Book Review: 400 Years of Imaginary Friends: A Journey into the World ofAdepts, Masters, Ascended Masters, and Their Messengers. Joseph Szimhart;Reviewer (214-215) 

Book Review: The Giver. Joseph Szimhart; Reviewer (216-217) 

Book Review: Index of Watchtower Errors. Evertt Shropshire; Reviewer(218-219) 

Book Review: New Age Almanac. Sharon Colvin; Reviewer (220-222) 

Book Review: Prophetic Charisma: The Psychology of Revolutionary ReligiousPersonalities (Len Oakes) – Lita Schwartz, Reviewer (223-224) 

Book Review: Charismatic Cult Leaders (T. Streissguth) – Lita Schwartz Reviewer(223-224) 

Book Review: Multiple Personality Disorder From the Inside Out (Barry Cohen) –Andrea Bloomgarden, Reviewer (225-227) 

CSJ Vol. 18 (2001) –PDF of Issue

Cults, Psychological Manipulation and Society: International Perspectives – AnOverview. Michael Langone, Ph.D.(1-12) 

What Should We Do About Cults: An Italian Perspective. Dr. Raffaella DiMarzio(13-31) 

Cults, Freedom of Belief, and Freedom of Religion. Judge DenisBarthelemy(32-35) 

The Crimes and Teachings of Aum Shinrikyo. Hiroshi Hirata, Attorney atLaw(36-42) 

Cults in Japan: Legal Issues. Hiroshi Yamaguchi, Attorney at Law(43-68) 

What Should be Done About Cults? Michael D. Langone, Ph.D.(69-81) 

The Millennium is Here – And so are the Cults. Lita Linzer Schwartz,Ph.D.(82-99) 

Cults on Campus: Perceptions of Chief Counseling Officers. Russel K. Elleven,Ed.D.; Jennifer Van Veldhuizen, & Elizabeth Taylor, Ph.D.(100-108) 

Healing from Experiences with Unhealthy Spiritual Groups and Cults: TreatmentUsing Myths and Folk Tales. Leland E. Shields & F. Jeri Carter,Ph.D.(109-139) 

Enemies Within: Conflict and Control in the Baha’i Community. KarenBacquet(140-171) 

Arousal, Capacity, and Intense Indoctrination. Robert S. Baron,Ph.D.(172-207) 

Book Review: “Therapeutic Touch”. Larry Sarner; Reviewer (208-214) 

Book Review: Mesmerized: The History of Memorization in Victorian Britain.Herbert Rosedale; Reviewer (215-217) 

Book Review: Other Altars: Roots and Realities of Cultic and Satanic RitualAbuse and Multiple Personality Disorder. Marvin W. Clifford; Reviewer(218) 

Book Review: Deception by Design: The Mormon Story. Timothy Mayworm; Reviewer(219-220) 

Book Review: Why Waco. Maxine Pinson; Reviewer (221) 

Book Review: Destroying the World to Save It. Walter Debold; Reviewer (222-225)

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