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Destiny church of Brian Tamaki

Fundamentalist Group Called Cult
The Destiny church of Brian Tamaki, who says it will rule New Zealand within four years, “certainly fits the classic definitions of a cult,” according to Dr. Phillip Culbertson, a lecturer in theology at Auckland University. Destiny strongly emphasizes obligation, and a leader “who tells people how to think . . . who understands himself as a particular agent or voice of God in some special chosen way.”

Tamaki, who recently led a demonstration of 5,000 people against civil union legislation, says that if Destiny is a cult then so are ninety percent of the churches in New Zealand. “God does choose men. He puts authority on their lives whereby he uses them in a special way. It’s not a dictatorship, it’s not a democracy, it’s a theocracy.” As to taking power, he says: “That means you control the wealth, that means you control the riches, that means you control the politics, that means you control the social order, that means you are in charge.” (TVNZ, Internet, 10/3/04) [csr 4.1 2005]

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