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Gentle Wind Project

Maine Attorney General Shuts Down Gentle Wind Project

In June 2006, the Maine Attorney General charged the Gentle Wind Project (GWP) and six of its officers and directors with making false claims and engaging in improper financial practices. The complaint (reproduced below) alleges that the defendants:
    • Manufacture “healing instruments,” the designs of which they say were received by a GWP co-director in the form of telepathic impressions from the “Spirit World.”
    • Offer the instruments as “gifts” in exchange for “suggested donations” that range from several hundred to many thousands of dollars said to be 80% tax deductible.
    • Falsely claim that use of the instruments can improve the user’s mental, emotional, and physical well-being.
    • Improperly disbursed hundreds of thousands of dollars to themselves.
    • The complaint also asks the court to (a) enjoin further sales of the “healing instruments, (b) dissolve the GWP corporation, (c) ban the offending parties from serving as officers and directors of another nonprofit corporation, (d) order all funds they improperly obtained to be returned, and (e) provide for consumer restitution.
In August 2006, the defendants signed a consent decree under whch they agreed to pay civil penalties and costs and to be prohibited from making certain health and research claims about the “healing instruments” and from serving as fiduciaries or advisors for any other Maine nonprofit. The parties also agreed that GWP will be dissolved, and its remaining assets distributed by the Attorney General as restitution to consumers who purchased a “healing instrument” since 2003 and to a Maine charity whose charitable mission is to provide services to those with mental health disabilities.
Wind of Changes

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What Happened to the Gentle Wind Project?

Reply of Gentle Wind Project Supporters to dissolution of the organization.

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