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Gilbert Deya Ministries

How He Works Miracles
A recent case in England involving an infertile Nigerian couple illustrates how Gilbert Deya, wanted for child kidnapping in Kenya, allegedly produces “miracle” children through prayer. As part of an elaborate ritual, Mrs. “E” was beaten, and then a living child, born by another mother, was placed beside her, as if she had just given birth. And she believed that she had done so. DNA evidence indicated no relationship between the woman and the newborn. Deya claims the child was produced through divine intervention. The couple, according to a British judge, has been the victim of “a cruel deception to further the financial ends of those involved.” (AP in the New York Times, 11/12/04) [csr 4.1 2005]

Child Seized in Raids
British police have raided four facilities owned by Gilbert Deya Ministries “to ensure the welfare of children” at the locations, and took into state care one four-year-old. Authorities think Deya, who claims to be able to make women pregnant through prayer, is actually stealing Kenyan children and bringing them to new parents in the UK. (Evelyn Kwamboka and Gitau wa Njenga, The Standard [Kenya], Internet, 12/13/04) [csr 4.1 2005]

Gilbert Deya
Extradition of “Miracle Baby” Clergyman Sought
Kenya has asked Britain to extradite Gilbert Deya, a Kenyan minister of religion resident in Britain who has been implicated in a “child trafficking” scheme that apparently provides kidnapped or “lost” Kenyan infants to couples in England. Deya, claiming a following of 30,000 in major British cities, and more in Africa and Asia, says the “miracle babies” were produced by the power of prayer.[csr 3.3 2004]

But the mothers do not seem to have given birth in British hospitals, or indeed anywhere. Rather, their unrelated babies were delivered to them by third parties. One couple, Mr. and Mrs. Odera, held a press conference to introduce 11 children between the ages of five and two months who, they said, had been born to Mrs. Odera, 56, without sexual intercourse. DNA tests on the children indicate, however, that not one is the biological offspring of the Oderas.[csr 3.3 2004]

Deya’s wife, meanwhile, has been arrested in Nairobi for stealing a child from a Nairobi maternity hospital. Police subsequently found nine more children at her home, although she claims that they are her own. [csr 3.3 2004]

Kenyan journalist Gitau wa Nejnga says Deya inspires awe-struck belief in his mainly African followers in Britain. “They are brainwashed. He is a charismatic preacher. Most of the communities in Kenya believe in witchcraft and miracles. You go to his website and you see him with the Queen [of England] and you believe him.” [csr 3.3 2004]

Registered nurse Mabel Davies, a Deya follower, dismissed the DNA evidence. “I’m not talking obstetrics; I’m talking about what happened. Even if you see the babies coming out of their mother’s wombs, I am confident that DNA will not match.” This was further proof, she said, that the children were the result of God’s intervention. (East African Standard, Internet, 8/26/04; Jonathan Ester, The Independent [UK], Internet, 9/1/04) [csr 3.3 2004]

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