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God's Creation Outreach Ministry

Life for Killing Son
Christy Edgar, alleged “ringleader of a group [God’s Creation Outreach Ministry] that tortured little kids and killed one of them,” has been sentenced in Olathe, KS, to life in prison for killing her 9-year-old adoptive son. She wrapped him in duct tape as punishment for stealing cookies. The child was left overnight with only his nose uncovered and suffocated at the family home in Overland, Park, KS. Barbara Clark, who helped restrain and gag the child, was sentenced to two years’ probation.[csr 3.1 2004]

Christy Edgar’s husband Neil and baby sitter Chastity Boyd were convicted of first-degree murder and child abuse last September and sentenced to life in prison without a chance of parole for 20 years. (Stephanie V. Siek, AP, Internet, 1/21/04; AP in Topeka Capital-Journal, Internet, 2/8/04) [csr 3.1 2004]

Mother Pleads Guilty in Death of Son
Christy Edgar, on trial with her husband Neil for abusing and killing their 9-year-old son, Brian, pleaded guilty in court to felony first-degree murder even as her lawyer urged her not to do so. A week later, the jury found Neil Edgar and babysitter Chastity Boyd also guilty of the crime. Brian choked to death on his own vomit after a sock was stuffed in his mouth and he was wrapped like a mummy in duct tape. Witnesses testified that Brian and two adopted children were routinely tied up for minor transgressions such as talking back to adults and taking candy without permission.[csr 2.3 2003]

The Edgars founded the now defunct God’s Creation Outreach Ministry, in Kansas City, and married when she was 15 and he 17. She is reputed to have been a charismatic leader. Both she and Boyd, along with five other women, still face child abuse charges dating to their time in God’s Creation Outreach Ministry. [csr 2.3 2003]

Neil Edgar defended himself saying he left discipline to his wife and that he would have stopped her from going as far as she allegedly did if he had seen what was happening.[csr 2.3 2003]

The defense spoke of how Christy Edgar was considered a prophet, and manipulated Boyd, a church member since the age of eight, into “believing she was doing what God Almighty wanted.” Boyd’s lawyer described her as a 20-year old woman who functions like a 12-year-old. A former church member said Christy Edgar told them that the idea of binding as punishment had come to her from God. It was, the lawyer said, a “classic situation of brainwashing.”[csr 2.3 2003]

Prosecutors did not allege that Brian was intentionally killed, but that the defendants were guilty of first degree murder because the child died during an act of child abuse. The prosecution wanted the jury to consider a charge for less serious crimes, but the judge refused. (Tony Rizzo, Kansas City Star, Internet, 9/19 and 9/26/03) [csr 2.3 2003]

Leaders Charged with Punishment Murder of Son
Neil and Christy Edgar, heads of the God’s Creation Outreach Ministry Church, in Kansas City, KS, and their babysitter, have been charged with the murder of the Edgars’ adopted 9-year-old son, Brian. Authorities say that the trio bound the child’s arms and chest, stuck a sock in his mouth, and taped his lips shut, all as punishment (of a kind apparently previously administered) for misbehavior. The three, as well as five other women from the church, are also charged with abuse of two other Edgar children.[csr 2.1 2003]

The Edgars, who have been in and out of financial trouble for many years, and who have a grown up son now serving 30 years in prison for murder, founded their church in the early 1990s in the wake of the murder of Neil Edgar’s brother, who was trying to protect one of their sisters from a man badgering her. Christy Edgar had by then become deeply involved in a local church as an evangelist.[csr 2.1 2003]

At their new, Pentecostal, church, Neil Edgar preached to some 70 members about how he had given up drug dealing and mistreating his wife, who actually did most of the preaching. Christian radio stations carried the church’s message.[csr 2.1 2003]

The Pastor of a congregation that shared space at one time with God’s Creation Outreach said that she never saw any of the child abuse that prosecutors now describe, but did observe that the couple was especially strict with children. She says also that the Edgars closely controlled followers, not allowing them direct contact with her, for example, without approval. Members came to call the Edgars “Mom” and “Dad” and clearly recognized Christy Edgar as especially sanctified. (Mark Wiebe and Donna McGuire, Kansas City Star, Internet, 1/19/03) [csr 2.1 2003]

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