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Great Deliverance Spiritual Baptist Church

“Torture and Cruelty” in Church Faith Healing Rituals
Wheelchair-bound Carmine Babb, 34, who suffered a stroke in 1998, has testified before a jury in Brooklyn, NY, that she was held captive and tortured during a nine-day healing ritual at Great Deliverance Spiritual Baptist Church. She described how, with the congregation singing and praying, the Rev. Junior Mitchell and his wife, as well as Babb’s husband, exhorted her to walk, and how when she kept falling they cut her feet with a razor, bled them, covered them with hot wax and put a flame to them. Then, she added, they beat her with a broom. After nine days, paramedics found Babb disoriented, dehydrated, and sitting in her own waste. She had left a rehabilitation center in mid-2002 to see if the Rev. Mitchell could heal her. (Nancy L. Katz, New York Daily News, Internet, 7/15/04) [csr 3.2 2004 2004]

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