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Sect Leader Who Raped Thousands Sparks International Arrest Warrant
An international arrest warrant has been issued for self-titled spiritual guru Jaroslav Dobes, 43, who reportedly raped numerous women and had sex with many more devotees between 2002 when he set up his for-women-only convent, Poetrie, in the city of Zlin in Czech Republic’s Moravia and when he went on the run in 2007. Dobes and his assistant, Barbora Plaskova, are believed to have fled to Asia.

In his absence, a Czech court now has found Dobes guilty of eight counts of rape and sentenced him to 10 years for the sex attacks. Plaskova, 40, also was sentenced to 9 1/2 years in prison. Czech officials reportedly have heard both Dobes and Plaskova are now living in Asia, where Dobes set up a new sect and is still offering sex for sale to his disciples.

Dobes, who started out as a self-proclaimed guru in 1996 and calls himself Guru Jara, Om, or the Uber Alpha Male, was charged with raping at least eight women at the convent, but the real number is probably far higher. Prosecutor Yvetta Eichlerova said Dobes had sexual intercourse with as many as 350 of his female clients, some probably willingly, but many others who had been put in a position in which they were unable to defend themselves. He told the women sex would heal them spiritually, and he charged them thousands of pounds for the service.

Guru Jara’s defense lawyer Libor Knott urged the court to throw out the charges, saying that all of the women had gone into the sex act with the sect leader willingly. He said, “The women knew what would happen so it was not a crime.” Dobes, who also claims to be a photographer, writer, traveler, and mountain climber, is offering books and photographs, and also personal consultations on his website. A 3-day session with Guru Jara costs 108,000 Czech Koruna (£3,085). (Daily Mail, 10/8/14) [IT 6.1 2015]

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