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News Summaries from ICSA PeriodicalsYedidiya Hawkins, an elder at the House of Yahweh’s 44-acre compound in Clyde, near Abeline, TX, has been convicted of sexual assault of a child he molested while pretending to check her for cervical cancer. Sect leader Yisrayl Hawkins is awaiting trial on bigamy and child labor charges. [csr 8.1, 2009)

Members of the House of Yahweh sect in Kenya, who took refuge in holes in the ground last year to escape a prophesied nuclear war, say that nothing has changed save that the prediction was misunderstood by the press, and that the world is still on the verge of a catastrophe that will take the lives of two-thirds of the earth’s population. The leader of a recent House of Yaweh church service read from pamphlets written by the U.S.-based Yisrael Hawkins, and said, “Ours is a religion and not a doomsday cult as widely believed,” adding that church teachings are based on Hawkins’s prophecy and Yahweh’s laws of morality. [csr 6.3 2007]

Hundreds have flocked to village bunkers built by House of Yahweh followers in Kenya to learn what has happened in the wake of the failed prediction by sect leader Njoro Mosheh Sang that the end of the world would begin with a nuclear strike a few days earlier. Sang now says the end will come within three months. [csr 5.3 2006]

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