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A member of the controversial Knutby sect in Sweden has been arrested following allegations that he assaulted children under the age of five. Police have been investigating similar charges against the group for some time. [csr 5.3 2006]

Helge Fossmo/Knutby Church (Sweden)
Claims He Was Leader’s Sex Slave
Pastor Helge Fossmo, recently convicted of influencing the family nanny to kill his second wife, says in his appeal trial that he was the “sex slave” of the leader of his Knutby, Sweden, congregation, Åsa Waldau, who is known as the Bride of Christ. The nanny, Sara Svensson, said during his trial that she was Fossmo’s sex slave. [csr 4.1 2005]

Fossmo states now that his relationship with Waldau began as with an equal, but then “she began to speak of heavenly love. I had to caress her, to satisfy her sexually with my hands. It was one-way love. I existed for her.” Fossmo’s wife did not like him spending long days working with Waldau, he added, so Waldau began to talk about God calling Mrs. Fossmo “home” if she continued to object. [csr 4.1 2005]

In light of his conviction, Fossmo will now be tried for the murder of his first wife, who, it was thought, accidentally drowned in the bathtub. He said he was under Waldau’s influence when he immediately took his just-deceased wife’s possessions to a second hand store, falsified her death documents, and quickly got engaged to another woman, chosen by Waldau. “Åsa said that she had been out and had spoken with God. God had said to her that her sister would be my new wife.” (The Local, Sweden, 10/7/04) [csr 4.1 2005]

Helge Fossmo/Knutby Church
Minister Gets Life in Prison
Pentecostal minister Helge Fossmo, of Knutby, Sweden, has been sentenced to life in prison for instigating the murder of his second wife and the attempted murder of his lover’s husband. The family nanny, Sara Svennson, was found guilty of actually committing the crimes under her lover Fossmo’s influence. She was sentenced to psychiatric care. (Dodi Axelson, The Local [Sweden], Internet, 8/6/04) [csr 3.3 2004]

Fossmo, Helge
Pastor Accused of Manipulating Woman to Murder
Pentecostal minister Helge Fossmo, 32, is on trial accused of systematically manipulating and brainwashing the family nanny, Sara Svensson, 27, also on trial, forcing her to take part in sex rituals in order to drive the devil away, and finally getting her to kill his wife for him. Svensson has also confessed to attempting to kill Daniel Linde, with whose wife Fossmo was allegedly having an affair.[csr 3.2 2004]

Fossmo is reportedly the high priest of a cult, in the village of Knutby, controlled by Asa Waldau, 36, who calls herself the Bride of Christ. Many members of the group, which apparently dominates the village, are young software specialists who believe Waldau is in constant conversation with God and has the right to exercise absolute power over them. [csr 3.2 2004]

Aftonbladet reports the nanny says she was tested the way Abraham was when God commanded him to kill Isaac; she committed the murder to show her fear of God. It is thought that the pastor, who controlled the nanny through e-mail and anonymous telephone messages, wanted to avoid a divorce but still get free of his wife. Police say the pastor was also behind the death of his first wife. The prosecutor says: “He made her [Svensson] believe she was doing it on assignment from God. She thought she would come closer to God by carrying out these deeds.” (The Local, Sweden, Internet, 5/7/04; Elin Blank, The Times, UK, cited in The Australian, Internet, 5/19/04) [csr 3.2 2004 2004]

Pushed to Believe She Was “Bride of Christ”
Asa Waldau, a prominent member of a congregation in Knutby, Sweden, whose minister is on trial for conspiring to murder his own wife, says that the defendant, Pastor Helge Fossmo, “wanted to elevate me. He pushed me to live as the ‘Bride of Christ’ to exert his power. He tricked me, and this year I have gradually come to question this picture of myself.” [csr 3.2 2004]

Fossmo is accused of influencing the family nanny, Sara Svensson, to kill his wife as well as the husband of a woman with whom he was apparently having an affair. Fossmo is also suspected of killing his first wife, who died last year in an apparent bathroom fall. Waldau says Fossmo told her he had dreamed seven times that his wife would die in the bathtub. (The Local, Sweden, Internet, 6/4/04)[csr 3.2 2004]

Fossmo’s late wife moved into a guest room in their home when Svensson, the nanny, started sleeping with him in order to help him “battle the devil,” whom the pastor said was attacking his soul with a mysterious illness.[csr 3.2 2004]

Svensson, who arrived in town in 1999, married soon thereafter, and then divorced in 2001, testified: “In the evenings I was with the minister in the bedroom where we had a sexual relationship. Otherwise, my relationship with him was that I was a slave and he was my master, I had no will of my own. During almost all of 2003, I was locked away because I was so incorrigible. God had turned his back on me and I sought mercy.” (Irish Times, Internet, 5/22/04) [csr 3.2 2004 2004]

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