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Living Life Fellowship

Girl Removed from Guru
A former South African policeman, identified only as André, has told how he rescued a 16-year-old Warmbaths girl who ran away two years ago to be with Amadon, the Oregon-based head of the Living Life Fellowship (LLF). The law officer came forward in the wake of news reporting on the case of another South African girl, Diane McMillan, whom Amadon recently recruited over the internet and allegedly married when she arrived in the U.S.[csr 4.2 2005]

The former policeman said he got no help from South African Interpol or the U.S. Embassy, but found an American policeman to assist him in confronting Amadon at his Oregon farm and threatening to arrest him for possession of pornography if he did not produce the girl. “She was definitely there against her will because, when we told her she had to come with us, she did not argue. Amadon gave us her passport, which he had kept. . . She had to have extensive counseling. . . We found out that she had been sexually abused.”[csr 4.2 2005]

Cult expert Luke Lamprecht describes LLF teachings as “idle ramblings” that appeal to teenage angst. “The girls who are lured would be white, achievers at school, very religious, and exceptionally bright—people looking for the meaning of life, and love. This guy (Amadon) provides it.” (Keshiefa Ajam, IA, Independent Online, in Johannesburg Star, Internet, 5/7/05) [csr 4.2 2005]

Mother Says Her Daughter “Indoctrinated”
The mother of Diane McMillan, a young South African who left home for Oregon to marry Amadon, guru of the Living Love Fellowship — he wooed her over the Internet starting when she was 15 — says her daughter may not be drugged or brainwashed. But “I feel she has been indoctrinated because she can see no wrong in Amadon. The two of them feel completely blameless. She listens to everything he says and does not question it.” (Kasheifa Ajam, Saturday Star in IOL, Internet, 6/11/05) [csr 4.2 2005]

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