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Magnificat Meal Movement

Debra Geilinsky (now known by her maiden surname, Burslam), head of the Magnificat Meal Movement cult in Helidon, near Melbourne, Australia, has put her million-dollar retreat up for sale and moved to the U.S. The self-proclaimed visionary, who said she received messages from Jesus and the Virgin Mary, once had 400 followers, some of whom signed over part-ownership of their homes to her.[csr 6.2 2007]

Debra Geileskey, head of the Toowoomba, Australia-based Magnificat Meal Movement (MMM), has been “caught” running a gold investment scam, according to Mike Garde, who is writing a dissertation on the group. He also says she’s been forced by a court to repay a wealthy follower a $680,000 property-purchase loan. Garde adds that she allegedly presented promissory notes — determined to be non-negotiable — totaling $530 million to a New Jersey bank to establish Caledonia Australia. Geileskey began to attract followers in1990s, when she says she received messages from Christ and the Virgin Mary, but many left when her husband said she was a fraud. Local authorities have sold off five MMM properties belonging to cult members who refused to pay rate arrears on the ground that their names are copyrighted. In response to notices asking for payment, they had demanded a great deal of money for breach of copyright. Geileskey’s neighbors say they hope authorities will investigate MMM’s business affairs, but doubt that the recent expose will persuade apparently brainwashed followers to leave. [csr 5.3 2006]

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