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Member Update, 2017, Vol. 8, No. 2

  • Understanding Abusive Spiritual Systems andRelationships. Middle Tennessee State University, Murfreesboro, Tennessee;October 14, 2017. 6 CE hours for mental health professionals. More information
  • IPS-ICSA Cult Recovery: Gaining Insight Into theExperience and Inner Life of Group Leaders, Members, and Concerned Families.Fort Lee, New Jersey; October 15, 2017. 6 CE hours for mental healthprofessionals. More information
  • High-Control Groups: Helping Former Members andFamilies. Santa Fe, New Mexico; November 3–5, 2017. 10.5 CE hours available formental health professionals. More information

Call for Papers. 2018ICSA Annual Conference: The global challenge of young people born, raised, orrecruited into extremist groups, abusive religious organizations, orcoercive/exploitative relationships, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; July 5–7,2017. information


  • In collaboration with Info-Secte and SFRAEM, the2017ICSA Annual Conference in Bordeaux, France (June 29–July 1, 2017) wasanother successful event full of interesting dialogue, different perspectives,and productive collaboration between disciplines and languages. This was thefirst ICSA conference in which simultaneous translation was offered in morethan a dozen sessions. A special word of gratitude is owed the SFRAEM team ofvolunteers, whose conscientious attention to logistical details made the conferencerun smoothly.

We are especially grateful to thespeakers and poster presenters, without whose hard work the conference couldnot have taken place. In total, we had approximately 125 speakers and 258attendees from 23 countries including Australia, United States, United Kingdom,Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, China, Japan, Poland, Austria, Finland,South Africa, Canada, Belgium, Italy, France, Spain, Romania, Netherlands,Denmark, Israel, and South Korea.

The theme of the conference was CulticDynamics and Radicalization. ICSA members participated in a joint 2-day meetingwith the European Union’s Radicalization Awareness Network – Exit Working Group (RAN-EXIT). Because the conference theme is an important topic in France today, local,national, and international media covered the event, with nearly 20 journalistsattending a preconference press conference organized by SFRAEM ((SociétéFrancaise de Recherche et d’Analyse en Emprise Mentale).

Some news articles explained howthe convergence between international research on radicalization and culticdynamics has begun to broaden perspectives on both phenomena and to identify commonpaths of action and care. Many articles cited or quoted the conference organizersand collaborators, namely MichaelLangone, ICSA Executive Director; MikeKropveld, Info-Cult/Info-Secte Executive Director; Daniel Picotin, SFRAEM President;and the Bordeaux organization, CAPRI.

You will find papers, PowerPoint presentations, and other resources that speakers provided in the conference folder.

A link to a PDF archival document containing agenda, speakers, and abstracts can be found on the event archive page.


Le Congrès international 2017 de l’ICSA, qui a eu lieu à Bordeaux, enFrance du 29 juin au premier juillet 2017 sur lethème « Dynamiques sectaires et radicalisation » a étécouvert par plusieurs médias, régionaux, nationaux ou internationaux.

Les articles présentaient certains objectifs du Congrès, notamment celuidu rapprochement nécessaire entre la recherche internationale sur laradicalisation et celle sur les dynamiques sectaires, afind’enrichir la compréhension des deux phénomènes et departager des pistes communes d’intervention. Plusieursdes articles ont cité les organisateurs et collaborateurs duCongrès, dont Michael Langone, directeur général de l’ICSA, Mike Kropveld,directeur général d’Info-Secte, Daniel Picotin, président de la SFRAEMet l’organisme le Capri de Bordeaux.

  • ICSA’s Leaving and Recovering From Cultic Groupsand Relationships: A Seminar and Workshop for Families and Former Members (Hollywood,California; April 1–2, 2017) went very well. Approximately 30 people attended. Rachel Bernstein, Joseph F. Kelly, RebeccaLeon, Alexandra Menna, Nori Muster, Patrick RyanDoni Whitsett presented.
  • Recovery From Spiritual Abuse(Fort Myers, Florida; April 21–22,2017) attracted about 30 people. ICSA members who spoke included Ron Burks, Vicki Burks, Charlene Edge,Maureen Griffo, Michael Langone, Judy Pardon, Robert Pardon.
  • Spiritual Abuse: A Conference for Victims andThose Who Want to Help (University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth; August 5, 2017)drew more than 70 people. Most of the speakers were ICSA members: Ron Burks, Elizabeth Blackwell, RayConnolly, Neil Damgaard, Bill Goldberg, Lorna Goldberg, Maureen Griffo, SteveHassan, Michael Langone, Judy Pardon, Bob Pardon, Mark Roggeman
  • Joan Capellini ScholarshipFund enabled 20 former cult members to receive complimentary webmemberships and/or attend recent ICSA events in Florida, Los Angeles, Bordeaux,and Massachusetts. We are grateful to all those who donate to this fund. Those whoreceive these scholarships deeply appreciate them. One recipient writes,

I want to thank you for funding thisscholarship in honor of your beloved wife Joan. I have been awarded thescholarship for the Ft. Myers’ conference and I am so grateful. I just readabout Joan on the ICSA website. What a wonderful wife and mother she was! Iapplaud your family and the way you spoke out to help others understand thedangerous cults in our world (P. Harrison, personal communication, March 11,2017 – reprinted with permission). 

Support Groups. Several people within the ICSA network arecurrently offering support groups for former members. Current list: reFOCUS.

Member News

Rod Dubrow-Marshalland Linda Dubrow-Marshall report, “weare very pleased to announce that we have designed a new MSc Psychology ofCoercive Control programme at the University of Salford, Greater Manchester,England, UK which will begin in September 2017. This course covers coercive andcontrolling behavior in relationships, families, groups (including sects),gangs, and in human trafficking. Individual modules can be taken, and there isalso the option for a Postgraduate Diploma and Postgraduate Certificate. Informationabout applying for this programme. 

Other activities of Linda and Rod:

Rod and Linda also presented a workshop titled Reflexive Auto-Ethnography: A Means toSelf-Care for Practitioners at British Association for Counselling andPsychotherapy Annual Research Conference in May.

Publications of note by Rod and Linda include

Grace Adams presented a 4-week series at the ManukauCity Baptist Church, Auckland, New Zealand: Waco—Survivaland Recovery, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons, Buddhism/New Age/Meditation.This series (March 16–April 6, 2017) included Lifton’s criteria for thoughtreform (1961) and how those criteria relate to cults. She gave a presentationon Jehovah’s Witnesses and Mormons to a Filipino group in Auckland, New Zealand(April 23, 2017), and was interviewed in Melbourne, Australia by CBS News 48 Hours regarding the Branch Davidians (June 25, 2017).

Sharon Farber wrote a multitopic piece titled The Mind-Body Connection: On Eating Disorders,Self-Injury, the Psychosomatic Component of Physical Illness, Somatization, andthe Importance of Touch for her blog in PsychologyToday.

Robin Barbosa, author of I Am RevealedBehind the Ashram, was interviewed as the featured guest on theradio broadcast Bagels and Blessingsand featured in the Messianic Timesnewsletter for January 2017. The subject of coercive persuasion was emphasized,for people to know more about the subject of the cult phenomenon. Robin managedto get the message out without sensationalism. She also addressed thecongregation of Christ Celebration Center Ministries and a delegation fromthe Walter Hoving Home for Women at the Hilton Hotel in Hasbrouk Heights,New Jersey on July 23, 2017, highlighting the exploitation of women and thedeceptive practices in the cult. The book is very well written, with anoriginal format highlighting the psychology behind the day-to-day activities.Writing the book was a courageous endeavor, and the author can take awell-deserved bow, according to Theodore Jonathan, author of Bones and Jokes.

Arthur Buchman made an oralpresentation of The Life Cycle of CultInvolvement, A Resource for Mental Health Professionals on Thursday, July13 at the 15th European Congress of Psychology in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The 4-dayconference is sponsored by the European Federation of Psychology Association(EFPA), the umbrella organization for professional psychological associationsin all European countries, comparable to the American PsychologicalAssociation.

Volunteers with NJSafe & Sound report that Bill S2562/A4244, which calls for a study ofpredatory alienation and its effects on young adults and senior citizens, wassigned into law by Gov. Chris Christie. New Jersey Assembly Republicans (2017) reportin a news release, “The new law creates a study by the departments of Childrenand Families and Human Services to examine high pressure tactics used by onlinepredators—including human traffickers, con artists, gangs and cults—to isolateunsuspecting victims from their family and friends. The findings andrecommendations of the study will be reported to the governor and Legislaturewithin 6 months” (para. 3).

Steve Eichel wasan invited speaker for Div. 30 (Psychological Hypnosis) at the 2017 annualmeeting of the American Psychological Association in August. His topic was TheTheory That Won’t Go Away: An Updated Review of Hypnosis in Mind Control. Hewas also featured as an expert on cults on a CBS News, 48 Hours program about the Australian cult, The Family.

Neil Damgaard, BobPardon, and Judy Pardon were interviewedon July 18, 2017, for radio station 1420WBSM with host Phil Paleologos.

Blandine de Dinechinsent us an update in French on her recent work:

  • Je suis, depuis mars 2017, vice-présidente de la Fédération nationaleCouples et Familles. J’ai consacré une partie de l’année à préparer un diplômeuniversitaire sur “le deuil et le travail de deuil” à l’Espaceéthique Ile de France et j’ai été chef de projet pour réaliser le jeu”Kamino- Chemins du deuil”, qui vient de sortir.

The paper titled “Talking About Selected Stereotypes ConcerningCults and Related Phenomena,” by Prof. PiotrT. Nowakowski,

PhD, was published in the No. 4/2016 issue of the academicjournal Społeczeństwo i Rodzina (Society & Family), issued inPoland. In the paper, selected stereotypes concerning cults and relatedphenomena are analyzed. The author starts his deliberations by discussingcommon and substantial mistakes and misrepresentations. Then he moves on to theissue of urban legends, for which Satanism provides good fodder. He alsodiscusses misconceptions related toeffects of cults,supposed number of cults and their members, and the role of celebritiesassociated with controversial religious organizations. The author ends withconclusions for theory and practice.

Gregory Sammons and Wellspring Retreat and Resource Center will hold a 3-day educational course inPortland, Oregon; the course is titled Understanding Manipulation, Influence,and Coercion for Survivors, Friends, Family, and Parishioners.

Sharon Garrettreports, “we have a lovely, small retreat centerin the center of Downtown Portlandand we are hoping to make it increasingly available to help in recovery fromcults and abusive groups.”

Elizabeth Burchard, (photo left) author of The Cult Next Door: A Manhattan Memoir, was interviewed on January 5, 2017, for a Podcast with Maria Konnikova,author, The Confidence Game.

Stephen A. Kentappeared as a guest on A&E’sLeah Remini:Scientology and the Aftermath. (May 29

VennieKocsis author of Cult Child, was interviewed on March 19, 2017, for the Podcast Behind the Paranormal. Vennie alsoreports that she now has a “syndicated radio show which will be called Survivor Voices…. The station has alistening base in the millions and is governed by the FCC. I will be on every otherFriday starting 8/25 from 6–8 EST. The page to follow on Facebook to listen inlive or on archives is fb.com/SurvivorVoicesShow

Omar Saldaña, AlzaroRodríguez-Carballeira, Carmen Almendros, and Jordi Escartín have published a paper on a new scale that measuresgroup psychological abuse: the Psychological Abuse Experienced in Groups Scale(PAEGS). They are now working to publish a Japanese and a Spanish version ofthe PAEGS.

  • Saldaña,O., Rodríguez-Carballeira, A., Almendros, C., & Escartín, J. (2017). Developmentand validation of the Psychological Abuse Experienced in Groups Scale. TheEuropean Journal of Psychology Applied to Legal Context, 9¸ 57–64.

Rick Ross hasbeen involved in several projects over the past few months:

  • InterviewedNewsweek for an article aboutcelebrities in Scientology.
  • Interviewedfor the ABC News 20/20 documentaryspecial Truth and Lied: The Family Manson.
  • Prominently quoted in Broadly as a source for an articleabout the declining popularity of the Kabbalah Centre.
  • Cited in the ArizonaRepublic regarding his reportto court in murder case.
  • Defendant Rebekah Mellon sentenced to 20 yearsin prison. RickRoss retained as expert by the defense.
  • articleappeared in Paste that includedinformation about a cult called NXIVM (pronounced nexium). Rick Ross’s work was cited and his legal victory regardinga harassment lawsuit filed against him by the group.
  • InterviewedState of Belief, a national radionetwork about how fervent support for President Trump may, at times, parallelsome of the characteristics often associated with membership in a cult.
  • The Cult Education Institute is cited andRick Ross quotedin an article about the controversial World Mission Society Church of Godexpanding in Pennsylvania.
  • InterviewedPublic Radio International about acontroversial apocalyptic Korean group called Shinchonji, which was founded andis led by Lee Man-hee.
  • interviewedMic Daily about allegations ofcultic abuse tied to singer R. Kelly. Mic is an American media company thatcaters to millennials and reaches 19 million unique monthly visitors.
  • InterviewedWILK Radio with Sue Henry inScranton, Pennsylvania concerning a cult-related shooting death July 18, 2017.
  • In conjunction with the Cult EducationInstitute online archives, cited asa source and quoted by the Pocono Record ina news report about a controversial Korean church the World Mission SocietyChurch of God, which is opening a new base of operations in the PennsylvaniaPoconos.
  • InterviewedVice about how destructive cultscan use YouTube and other social-media platforms as a recruitment tool.

Gillie Jenkinson presented a paper at the BritishAssociation for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) Research Conference in Chester, England, on May 19, 2017. The paper represented a small part of thedata that emerged from her Grounded Theory doctoral research project and wasentitled What Helps Former Cult Members Recover? t focused on self-help and professional help (counselling) strategies. Dr. Jenkinson also gave a talk on “PathologicalSpirituality” to BACP Spirituality subdivision’s Counselling with Spiritmeeting in Birmingham on May 13. The talk was based on her coauthored Chapter13, published in Spirituality andPsychiatry (RCPsych Publications, 2009) and which was, in part, based onher master’s research. She is presenting in London at the BACP PrivatePractice Conference entitled Identity: Can You Tell Me Who I Am? on September23, with accredited counsellor Mary Russell. The title of their talk is “Afterthe Cult: Best Practice in Helping Ex-members Re-establish Their Identity or ‘AuthenticSelf.’” More information

Marcia Rudin’srecently published novel, Hear My Voice,is now available to order on Amazon.com in hard-copy or in kindle format. More information.

Debby Schriverpresented a program entitled We Are YourNeighbors: Cults, Trafficking, and Enslavement on April 1, 2017, in Macomb,Illinois. Two hour-long sessions drew a broad range of participants includingstudents, faculty, and staff from Western Illinois University; communitynonprofit agencies; ministers from community churches; therapists; and lawenforcement. She drew from her knowledge of the Tony Alamo Christian Ministriesand the Community Coalition for Human Trafficking. In all, about 150 peopleparticipated. They were stunned to learn of the high activity of cults today.They met afterward to plan ways to be proactive in their community.

Rita Swan (photo left) has announced that she is retiring and thatthe Board of CHILD (Children’s Healthcare Is a Legal Duty) has voted todissolve the organization. She will continue to maintain CHILD’s two websites, www.childrenshealthcare.org and www.idahochildren.org. The bulk ofCHILD’s assets will go to a new organization, known as CHILD USA, run by law professor MarciHamilton of the University of Pennsylvania. Rita has devoted more than threedecades to her cause. Her achievements are heroic.

Cristina Caparesi travelledto Spain to work with Carmen Almendros’s group at Universidad Autonoma deMadrid for her PhD, Group Psychological Abuse Strategies in Jihadist-OrientedRadicalisation in an Immigrant Origin Population. She has also concludedher year of supervision in a psychological clinic, which will allow herregistration in the Italian-chartered psychological association. In May, sheorganized two events:

  • The first event tookplace on May 26and focused on the contribution of civil society tocounter violent extremism. The conference intended to develop the themeof the “soft” strategy to counter radicalization, an approach in which thesecular approach is combined with civil society’s tools to limit violentradicalization. The aim of the event was to present the state of the art inItaly and facilitate the construction of networks between the various forcespresent on a local level and already engaged in various degrees to tackleviolent extremism. The eventwas open to the community
  • The second event took place on May27 and was titled Exiting From Manipulative Groups and Recovery Programs. Theconference aimed at providing information on the exit phases from manipulativeand extremist groups by exemplifying, in this regard, how the phenomenon isapproached and which strategies can be used, both to facilitate exiting from agroup and to support the person who is preparing to leave.

Nancy Mereska,founder of the lobby group Stop Polygamy, was quoted in the article“Former B.C. couple sentenced to jail for taking girl, 13, into U.S. to marry polygamoussect leader” published in The Star.

Helen Zuman was recently interviewed by The Highlands Current for the article abouther experience at Zendik Farm. She also recently raised more than $16,000, via Kickstarter, to fundpublication of Mating in Captivity,her Zendik memoir, due out from She Writes Press in May 2018.

Charlene Edge has done several presentations over the pastfew months: 

  • February 28, 2017: Presentation titled Escaping a Cult and Writing about It,which included info about her cult memoir-writing process and self-publishingexperience, and a short reading from her new memoir, UndertowMyEscape from the Fundamentalism and Cult Control of The Way International.
  • March 9, 2017: Presentation and in-depthdiscussion with college students and faculty members of a Philosophy andReligion Club about her experiences in The Way International, focusing ontraits of fundamentalism and of high-control groups called cults. She also readportions from Undertow
  • March 23, 2017: Presentation titled F = Fundamentalism, which focused onCharlene’s personal story in a fundamentalist cult. She also read a sectionfrom Undertow, and shared in a lively Q&A session with attendees.
  • April21 – 23, 2017: Presentation titled Seventeen Years of Emotional Abuse in The WayInternational, which included her reading from Undertow.Also,participated in a speaker panel discussion at the ICSA Recovery From SpiritualAbuse Conference.
  • April 25, 2017: Presentation to freshmen collegestudents at Rollins College in an Extremes of Religion class. Charlene focusedher talk on the ways in which The Way International was/is extreme and thevalue of a liberal arts education in training students to think critically, askquestions, and challenge cult recruiters.

Alexandra Stein has been involved in several projects over the pastfew months:

Benjamin Zablocki recently set up a website. All of his major research papers andpublished books are loaded onto the website, and all can be freely downloadedor printed by any visitor to the site. Other information relating to cults andbrainwashing is being added from time to time. He has also recently set up aFacebook page called Benjamin Zablocki,which has much of the same material, plus some additional material related tospecific cult discussions on Facebook.

On May 15th, June 19th, and June 25th, Christopher Hamacher (photo left) and TenzinPeljor were interviewed on German radio (Deutschlandfunk radio, BR2 radio, WDR, respectively) about the potential in Buddhism for teachers toabuse their students. There is currently greater media attention about thisissue in Germany as the result of a Zen priest being on trial for sexuallyabusing young boys. See the following links for more information:

  • May 15 Printed version: »Den Meister lockt die Macht« Von Mechthild Klein.
  • Radio broadcast mp3 file.
  • June 19 Info-Page: »Die dunkle Seite des Buddhismus – sexueller Machtmissbrauch in buddhistischen Gemeinschaften. Von Mechthild Klein«:
  • Radio broadcast mp3 file.
  • une 25 Radio broadcast mp3 file
  • Info-Page»Missbrauch durch Zen-Meister«
  • July26, 2017 Deutschlandfunk radio featuredcontroversies about Ole Nydahl and Sogyal Rinpoche at Deutschlandfunk. It included an interview with Tenzin Peljor. Info-Page: 26.7. | 8:10 pm: Buddhistische Populisten und ihre Macht« VonMechthild Klein.

Massimo Introvigne,PierLuigi Zoccatelli, and Raffaella DiMarzio organized the Session n.6 at the Sixth International ESSWEConference, Western Esotericism and Deviance, organized by the European Societyfor the Study of Western Esotericism, in cooperation with the Max Weber Centrefor Advanced Cultural and Social Studies (University of Erfurt, Germany, 1-3June 2017). Raffaella Di Marzio presented the paper MISA, the Anti-Cult Movement and the Courts: The Legal Repression of anEsoteric Movement; PierLuigi Zoccatelli presented Esotericism, Deviance, and Repression: An Introduction to the Historyof MISA; and Massimo Introvigne presented Sex, Movies, and Deviance: The Strange Case of Carmen Enache.Raffaella Di Marzio also presented a paper titled L’istituzione scolastica difronte alla sfida del pluralismo religioso (The Educational Institution Had to Face the Challenge of ReligiousPluralism) at the conference Libertà di religione e credo. Diritti umani,dialogo e inclusione sociale (Freedom of Religion and Belief. Human Rights,Dialog and Inclusion) at the Italian Parliament in Rome.

Rafaella Di Marzio (photo left) participated in the following interviews: 

  • In April, 2017 interviewedSBS Radio Australia
  • In June, 2017 interviewedby Manuel Olivares (Viverealtrimenti).

Steven Hassan reports an update, on his blog.

Kristin Valle attended the cult-recovery workshop inHollywood this year and reports finding it beneficial. She has been writing a playfor more than a year. The title is TheChurch of the Peacock of Latter Day Saints. It deals with the awakening oftwo women: a Mormon woman and a Fundamentalist Mormon woman from Warren Jeff’scult. She reports on several events she’s attended to gather material for theplay and to try to build a new community:

  • FernFoundation’s Service project in April, in Colorado City, at Warren Jeff’s house.It was a 3-day event, where participants helped rebuild parts of the community. The peopleinvolved in service consisted of ex-Mormons, ex-FLDS, and a sprinkling ofnonreligious people who just wanted to help. Fern Foundation is hosting anotherservice project in Colorado City in October. Kristin will attend again andwould so love to stage a reading there and at that time, but will needpermission from their board
  • Ex-Mormonevents (held all around Los Angeles).
  • The”Interfaithless” Beach Party (held twice a year)

George D. Chryssides has written a short blog for De GruyterConversations (a new venture by thispublisher) entitled Engaged Research—HowFar Should We Go? (accessible ). He was also elected as a Board member of theInternational Society for the Study of New Religions and invited to serve asCo-Vice-Chair of Inform.

He alsopresented the following conference papers:

  • (2017).Is Nothing Sacred? Jehovah’s Witnessesand the Significance of Bible Lands; Conference organized by CESNUR, TheVan Leer Jerusalem Institute, July 2–6, 2017.
  • (2017).The Welsh Connection—Pastor JoshuaMcCabe’s Role in the Unification Church’s Early History. CESNUR conference:The Life and Legacy of Sun Myung Moon and the Unification Movements inScholarly Perspective. Faculty of Comparative Study of Religion and Humanism(FVG), Antwerp, May 29–30, 2017.

Ariela Bogenberger,from Germany, has taken part in a conversation about her cult experience; thisis a professionally madefilm by a local German TV company. It is currently available only in German.

RIP. Arthur AlexanderDole, Jr., pacifist, scholar, and independent thinker, died peacefully athome on May 16, 2017. Art’s intelligence, humor, and passion for nonviolencedefined his long and varied life. Born in San Francisco on October 25, 1917, hehas been affectionately known as Danny, “Red,” “Old Dole,” or simply “Art.” Thefamily would like to thank the staff at Birch Bay Retirement Village for theexcellent care and support during his residency.

He is survived by his wife of 68 years, Marjorie Welsh Dole;two sons, Peter and Steven Dole, and a daughter, Barbara Dole Acosta. His sixgrandchildren are Isaac, Nathan, and Sam Dole, Alyssa Dole Witeof, andMargarita and Gabriela Dole Acosta. Two great grandchildren are Maya andCaroline Dole.

Dr. Dole was Professor Emeritus, Psychology in EducationDivision, University of Pennsylvania. He was a member of the ICSA Board ofDirectors and the Editorial Advisory Board of International Journal of Cultic Studies. He conducted numerousresearch studies and presented many papers at professional meetings. Among hismany publications was a chapter on terrorists and cultists in the 4-volume The Psychology of Terrorism. In 2010ICSA awarded Dr. Dole the Herbert L. Rosedale Award “in recognition ofleadership in the effort to preserve and protect individual freedom.”

Dr. Steve Eichel, President of ICSA, captured the feelingsof many who knew Dr. Dole: “Arthur Alexander Dole, the brilliant retiredprofessor at the University of Pennsylvania who is responsible for bringing meto Philadelphia to study the psychology of cults and cultic processes, haspassed away. He was 99. Art was the most gentle and humanistic soul I’ve evermet. This is a great loss… and his was a life incredibly well-lived. RIP Art.You have touched more people than I could ever count. My deepest condolences tohis amazing family, especially his daughter Barbara. Your flame may beextinguished but your light remains forever.”

Here are just a fewof the many sympathies expressed by the ICSA network:

  • Deepest Sympathy to all who loved& admired him. —Donna Collins 
  • Thankyou for this e-mail about Professor Dole and I remember in the ground-breakingyears when his daughter was in the Moonies and he did television shows andmedia about cults, Moonies, and his daughter. I had done voluntaryintervention work with his daughter after her exit from the Moonies. He reallyunderstood the plight of parents and families in the grip of a cult crisis. Iadmired his growing contributions to our just cause and he did not shrink fromresponsible discussion for the easy way out. He will be sorely missed and Iexpress my deepest condolences to his courageous family. My sympathy beyondwords, David Clark
  • We are so sorryto hear this and send our condolences to Dr. Dole’s family and the ICSAcommunity. Although we did not know Dr. Dole, his work is an admirable legacywe appreciate very much. Warmest regards, Charlene and Hoyt Edge
  • We’re grateful for this tribute to ArthurDole. Because Art lived in our area of Maine, we also learned of his deaththrough the local papers. You may remember that Arthur was an ‘expert’ in ourdefense against gentle wind project. He was amazingly adept in hisdeposition, which lasted most of the day as they produced one box of phony statisticsafter another. He gently discredited their methods and results. Heseemed elderly then (11–12 years ago), but had many years yet to live, and didn’trequest accommodations or concessions (nor did the attorneys giveany!). We would each be a better contributor to the world if possessingeven a small percentage of Art’s energy, intelligence, and kindness. Goodwishes, Judy and Jim
  • Thank you for passing along this sad news. Artwas a wonderful, gentle, intelligent man who very early on helped to guide the responseto cultic recruitment. I can easily envision his face that showed interest anda positive outlook even under grim circumstances. This is a loss of anunusually kind, pleasant, and intelligent person. —Arnold Markowitz

RIP. Maureen Ann May,PhD of Albuquerque died unexpectedly June 18, 2017 in Barcelona, Spain atthe age of 65. Maureen was a Nurse Midwife and a social scientist who had justpublished her first book and the culmination of life-long dedication to womenand children and their health entitled EpiduralizedBirth and Nurse Midwifery: Childbirth in the United States. Maureen isremembered for her fierce advocacy for truth and justice, her wit, herwillingness to help others, and her big laugh. Maureen is survived by herhusband of 39 years Kurt Krumperman of Albuquerque and their son Bill and hiswife Beatriz who were just married June 3, 2017 and live in Barcelona.(Published in Albuquerque Journal onJuly 9, 2017). Although her main academic interest is childbirth andmidwifery in developed nations, she began to also write on political cult-groupactivity. She was an ex-member and survivor of a political cult group of the1970s, the Communist Workers Party.

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