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Messianic Christians

A group of self-described Messianic Israelites, called by others Messianic Christians, met in September in a home in the central Pennsylvania town of Waterston to celebrate the Jewish holidays. They say, “We believe the Scriptures teach we should believe in Jesus, or Yahshua, and keep the commandments, too.” Bob and Cheryl Schechterly, of Bloomsburg, PA, who lead another Messianic Israelites teaching group, called Israel in Solidarity, have visited Israel five times. Scott Diffendorfer, executive director of Messianic Israel Alliance, says Messianic Christianity is a grassroots movement that supports 10 congregations in Pennsylvania and 130 worldwide. He adds that the messianic movement is “fairly exponential in its growth, and noted that his alliance’s annual conference, in Orlando, FL, drew 1,200 people. An article in the Christian Research Journal warns that some Messianic groups are cult-like.

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