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The World Jewish Congress (WJC) has urged Ukrainian clergy to stop attending Neo-Nazi events “to prevent any further rehabilitation of Nazism or the SS.” WJC President Ronald Lauder, referring to a recent event, said, I was horrified to see photographs of young Ukrainians wearing the dreaded SS Uniform with swastikas clearly visible on their helmets as they carried the caskets of members of this Nazi unit [that fought with the German SS in WW II], lowered them into their new graves, and fired gun salutes in their honor. I was especially troubled by the participation in this ceremony of a priest of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church that appeared to give a religious legitimacy to the rehabilitation of the SS. (Jewish Journal, 8/23/13) [IT 5.1 2014]
Munich authorities have closed Scientology’s Kinderhaüs Child-care facility, saying, “The well-being of the children in the establishment was under threat because the education process was based on the principles of Scientology.” The German federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution has also closed down Neo-Nazi and radical Muslim groups with teachings deemed antithetical to a free and democratic society. [csr 7.2 2008)

Police have arrested eight young immigrants from the former Soviet Union, founders of a neo-Nazi cell who documented attacks in which “they beat innocent and helpless people, including homosexuals, Orthodox Jews, and drug addicts,” in the Tel Aviv area during the past year. The eight, none of them born to a Jewish mother — the Orthodox definition of a Jew — but who had at least one Jewish grandparent, also painted swastikas on several synagogues. Police report the group has strong ties to neo-Nazis in Germany and elsewhere. An official said the alleged cell members were likely suffering from “immigration shock” and emulating behavior they may have witnessed in the Soviet Union. [csr 6.3 2007]

Teak Street Neo-Nazis
Teak Street neo-Nazi white supremacist group member John Ditulio, of Port Ritchie, FL, has been arrested for allegedly stabbing a woman and killing her son’s 17-year-old friend because her black acquaintances often visited the woman. The 17-year-old was apparently mistaken for the son, who had left town because he feared neo-Nazi reprisals for his testimony in the trial of neo-Nazi leader Brian “Zero” Buckley, convicted in an attack on the woman’s home a few days before the murder. Teak Street, a branch of the American Nazi sect, has now fragmented, members “laying low,” according to police. [csr 5.3 2006]

Recruiting Teens
Thomas Zibelli was arrested recently in White Plains, NY, for allegedly using alcohol and pornography to persuade teenagers to place anti-Semitic stickers on a train station and synagogue. District Attorney Jeanine Pirro says Zibelli is part of an “organized ring” that takes advantage of “vulnerable” 14- and 15-year-olds to promote white supremacy. The stickers bore the terms “White Power,” “Hitler was Right,” and “Stop Non-White Immigration.” Pirro says Zibelli is a member of the neo-Nazi National Alliance and has attended Ku Klux Klan meetings. (AP, Internet, 9/21/04) [csr 4.1 2005]

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