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Past News Desk e-mailings are listed below in reverse chronological order. 

 2018-04-30 Why Are We Surprised When Buddhists Are Violent?

2018-04-24 In Idaho, medical-care exemptions for faith healing come under fire

2018-04-17 Spiritual Abuse: Study Suggests two-thirds of Christians could be Victims
2018-03-28 Outside the Limits of the Human Imagination
2018-03-20 Once thriving Church of Scientology faces extinction, says cult tracker
2018-03-11 Pennsylvania Church Plans a Ceremony with AR-15 Rifles — and a Local School is Getting Students out of the way
2018-03-05 Catherine Oxenberg Is Writing a Book About the Group She Claims ‘Brainwashed’ Her Daughter
2018-02-27 Two Articles on Surfism
2018-02-23 Community or cult? Experts Share Why People Join Overcomer Ministry in Rural South Carolina
2018-02-13 A Woman who Married God, a Chess-playing Priest and 10 more Fascinating Religious Figures who died in 2017
2018-01-27 Witch Doctors are Sacrificing Children in Drought-stricken Uganda
2018-01-17 China used to Harvest Organs from Prisoners. Under Pressure, that Practice is Finally Ending
2018-01-04 What Doomsday Cults Can Teach Us About ISIS Today
2017-12-26 How Cult Leader Charles Manson was able to Manipulate his ‘Family’ to Commit Murder
2017-12-11 Coercive and Controlling Man Subjected Wife to Decades of ‘Cult-Like’ Abuse
2017-11-29 Trained to Kill: How Four Boy Soldiers Survived Boko Haram
2017-11-17 ‘Jesus People’ – a movement born from the ‘Summer of Love’
2017-11-10 Psychologists Express Growing Concern With Mindfulness Meditation
2017-10-23 As China’s Economy Slows, ‘Business Cults’ Prey on Young Job Seekers
2017-10-16 Expert’s Recantation Leads to Dismissal of Satanic Panic Charges in Texas
2017-09-20 Is the Devil Making a Comeback in France?
2017-09-06 The Polygamous Town Facing Genetic Disaster
2017-08-21 Terrorists Are Not Snowflakes
2017-08-16 Life after White Supremacy: The Former Extremists now Helping others Leave Fascism
2017-08-09 Jehovah’s Witness Ban is Overwhelmingly Supported by Russians Despite Knowing Nothing about the Religious
2017-08-03 Couple Exonerated in ‘Satanic Panic’ Child Ritual Abuse Case
2017-07-25 Before the Digital age, how Religious Groups Increased the Numbers in their Order
2017-07-19 In both Iran and America, Fanaticism Assaulted my Individuality, Identity and Self-Esteem
2017-07-04 ‘It is a battle for hearts and minds’: Trudeau’s $35 million gamble to counter radicalization
2017-06-27 This Article Won’t Change Your Mind
2017-06-19 ‘This Could be Your Child:’ STU Professor Helps Families with Children Lost to Jihadist Movement
2017-05-30 How to Identify a Cult: Six Tips from an Expert
2017-05-20 ‘It’s like being in a cult for one’: Read 14 tactics used by coercive controllers
2017-05-12 Polygamy Remains a Crime as U.S. Supreme Court won’t Hear Case from ‘Sister Wives’
2017-04-27 I Underwent Genital Mutilation as a Child—Right Here in the United States
2017-04-20 Who are the Sufis and Why Does ISIS See Them as Threatening?
2017-04-11 Inside China’s ‘secret’ churches
2017-03-21 Nine in 10 People Would Electrocute Others if Ordered, Rerun of Infamous Milgram Experiment Shows
2017-03-12 Shame and Silence: Recognizing Spiritual Abuse
2017-02-28 God’s Will vs. Medicine: Does Faith Tabernacle Beliefs put Children at Risk?
2017-02-21 Do Mormons Leave the Church Because they ‘got Offended’?
2017-02-06 ‘It was Miraculous’: Couple Help People Recover from Abusive Groups
2017-01-27 In Bordeaux, an Experiment in Preventing Radicalization
2017-01-14 Benton Harbor Remembers Cult Destroyed by Sex Scandal
2017-01-07 Five Key Findings on Religion in the U.S.
2016-12-29 Study of CEGEP students shows vulnerabilities to violent radicalization
2016-12-17 Deals reached for some defendants in polygamous food-stamp-fraud case, lawyers say
2016-12-09 China Seeks Tighter Grip in Wake of a Religious Revival
2016-11-29 The Monks Who Spent Years Turning Themselves into Mummies—While Alive
2016-11-20 The Misinformation Age
2016-11-11 Russian Supreme Court upholds ban on another Jehovah’s Witnesses branch
2016-10-30 6 Facts About U.S. Mormons
2016-10-22 Missionaries are struggling to work under new Russia law banning proselytizing
2016-10-14 About Utah: A Krishna temple in the heart of Salt Lake Valley
2016-10-03 The Problem with the Effort to De-Radicalize Jihadis
2016-09-25 Inside the Rise & Fall of A 1970s Upper West Side Cult
2016-09-16 ISIS is raising a new generation of terrorist fighters — and its system of indoctrination is ‘unprecedented’
2016-09-10 ‘I’m not a Mormon fresh mass resignation over anti-LGBT beliefs
2016-09-04 “Treatment Centers” for Troubled Teens Are Gothic Nightmares
2016-08-27 In Kerala [India], parents struggle to shake children from the influence of ultra-conservative Islam
2016-08-22 Three Local Pastors Speak at National Conference
2016-08-13 A Closer Look at Jehovah’s Witnesses Living in the U.S.
2016-08-06 How Cyclist Juliana Buhring Learned to Keep Going After Surviving a Cult and Losing the Love of Her Life
2016-07-29 China’s New Crackdown on Christians
2016-07-22 With Coercive Control, the Abuse Is Psychological
2016-07-07 Living and Escaping a Terrorist Cult
2016-06-19 Houses of Worship: China’s New Crackdown on Christians
2016-06-08 The Immortality Upgrade
2016-05-30 Feel like Americans are ignorant about other religions? Do your part to fix things.
2016-05-09 Hulu’s provocative new series ‘Path’ focuses on a cult-like faith, but it’s not Scientology
2016-05-02 3 Powerful Conflict-Resolution Strategies From an Anti-terrorism Leader
2016-04-29 How I Almost Became a Boko Haram Suicide Bomber
2016-04-27 The God Profusion
2016-04-09 Tiny Tombstones: Inside the FLDS Graveyard for Babies Born from Incest
2016-04-02 This Woman Was Raised By a Notorious Cult. Here’s How She Finally Got Away.
2016-03-27 The Shame Culture
2016-03-22 Life After Hate
2016-03-15 China may be an atheist state, but it’s regulating Buddhist reincarnation
2016-03-04 Death, the Prosperity Gospel and Me
2016-02-25 In Israel, former ultra-Orthodox Jews demand basic education
2016-02-19 Where Your Religion Can Still Send You to Jail
2016-01-30 The Christmas the Aliens Didn’t Come
2016-01-20 Born to Be Conned
2016-01-09 Cynical and amoral: The dark side of the mindfulness fad
2016-01-02 Why Are Young Westerners Drawn to Terrorist Organizations Like ISIS?
2015-12-22 The Psychology Behind Religious Belief
2015-12-11 The Return of Werner Erhard, Father of Self-Help
2015-12-05 ISIS Followers in US Are Diverse and Young
2015-11-22 More Islamic State defectors speaking out – report
2015-11-12 11 Times the World was Supposed to end and Didn’t
2015-10-21 How to Defeat Religious Violence
2015-10-12 What You Don’t Understand about Suicide Attacks
2015-10-04 U.S. Pays for Scientology ‘Experiment’ on Sick Veterans
2015-09-22 Jehovah’s Witness Church must change after Royal Commission hearings
2015-09-14 How Does A Normal Student’ Like Seifeddine Rezgui Turn Into A Cold-Blooded Murderer?
2015-09-08 Report: Beijing Responded to Growth in Christianity in 2014 with Harsh Persecution
2015-08-21 A Guilty Verdict for the Last Aum Defendant: What We’ve Learned About Mind Control Over the Past 20 Years
2015-08-08 Senior Fellow, the Cato Institute Religious Persecution on the Rise: Minorities Under Threat in the Middle East
2015-07-29 Opinion: Federal Anti-Radicalization Efforts Have Taken Too Narrow an Approach
2015-07-18 Man Gets Prison For Inventing His Own Church, And It’s Not Scientology
2015-06-26 China’s Senior Officials Find Comfort in Mythical Masters
2015-06-09 Empathic People are Natural Targets for Sociopaths – Protect Yourself
2015-05-29 Retail Religion
2015-05-22 Folk Religions Thrive with Women’s Spirit
2015-05-11 Assessing Religious Terror
2015-04-25 Scientology’s Chilling Effect
2015-04-10 Same Anger, Different Ideologies: Radical Muslim and Neo-Nazi
2015-03-30 Nearly all States Allow Religious Exemptions for Vaccinations
2015-03-20 North Korea Begins Brainwashing Children in Cult of the Kims as Early as Kindergarten
2015-02-22 De-Radicalization Programs Offer Hope in Countering Terrorism
2015-02-10 My Six Weeks With Winnipeg’s Twelve Tribes Community
2015-01-26 Religion: Boutique Choices in Religious Marketplace
2015-01-14 How a Cult Stole My Life
2015-01-02 Former Jehovah’s Witness Leaves Memorial to Family Who ‘Shunned’ Her.
2014-12-21 Glenn Close Returns to Stage, Reveals Remarkable Childhood in Cult
2014-12-09 The Internet, Religion, Transparency, and Battling Tyranny
2014-12-02 Mindfulness Therapy Comes at a High Price for Some
2014-11-25 Fight War of Ideas Against Extremism
2014-10-29 Radicalization: Why do Western Youth Join Extremist Groups?
2014-10-22 A Former MEK Member Speaks About the “Cult” of Extremism
2014-10-02 Why Do People Take Ayahuasca?
2014-09-18 Beyond Belief: The Debate Over Religious Tolerance
2014-08-29 Nazis Weren’t Just Following Orders but ‘Took Pride’ in Atrocities
2014-08-15 Sister Wives: An Illustration of Why Polygamy is, and Should be, Illegal
2014-08-03 The Call of the Cult
2014-07-20 Synanon’s Sober Utopia: How A Drug Rehab Program Became A Violent Cult
2014-06-19 Beyond Belief: The Debate Over Religious Tolerance
2014-06-19 Tom Olsen Describes Life As A Neo-Nazi Thug and How He Was ‘De-Radicalised’
2014-05-22 Synanon’s Sober Utopia: How A Drug Rehab Program Became A Violent Cult
2014-04-30 Film Sheds Light on Jesus People’s Dark Stories
2014-01-20 10 Psychological Studies That Will Change What You Think You Know About Yourself
2013-11-22 Sex Rituals, Foreign Spies, Biden Offspring, and the Unification Church’s War-Torn First Family

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