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Order of St. Charbel

William Kamm, known as Little Pebble, who claimed to be the Messiah, has lost his appeal to be released from a New South Wales prison, where he is serving a term of no less that 3.5 years following a conviction for raping and assaulting a teenager, his “mystical wife,” in 1993. [csr 7.3 2008)

Willinam Kamm, founder of the Order of St. Charbel religious community, in New South Wales, Australia, has been found guilty of having sex a number of times with an underage girl in the community ten years ago. He’ll be sentenced in August. [csr 6.2 2007]

Order of St. Charbel/Little Pebble
Leader Guilty of Sexual Abuse
William Kamm, also known as Little Pebble, has been found guilty in Sydney of “indecently and sexually assaulting” a 15-year-old girl at his religious community, the Order of St. Charbel, after she agreed to become one of his “spiritual” wives. Kamm says the sexually overt letters he wrote the girl after she accepted his marriage offer showed only what he intended should happen, not that it actually took place. (ABC News [Australia], Internet, 7/8/05)[csr 4.2 2005]

Kamm believes that the Virgin Mary chose him to spawn a new race that would survive the end of the world. He reportedly said he received messages directly from the Virgin on the thirteenth day of every month. The victimized girl testified that Kamm told her the Virgin Mary gave permission for him to have an “intimate union” with her. She said her family was pleased that she had been chosen as one of Kamm’s queens and considered it a great honor. (Rebecca Senescall, Ilawarra Mercury, Internet, 6/15/05; AAP in MSN 9 News, Australia, Internet, 6/16/05) [csr 4.2 2005]

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