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Psychology of Vision

Laura Duthiel describes her therapy sessions with Psychology of Vision, an unlicensed service operating on the British Columbia island of Haida Gwaii under the direction of Lency and Chuck Spezzano, as a horrible experience. She says she witnessed people crying and throwing up, and that Your personal boundaries, they are breaking that down… Like an addiction, you gotta go. And just never ending, you almost got dependent on it. You begin to realize you don’t have any other friends, just the friends that were in that group. You leave your family behind to go be with this other family. Spezzano calls one of his healing methods an “original mind download” and a “blessing” that “provides some wholeness. Where there was a split mind or conflict or something like that, it brings peace.” The Spezzanos say they are a great help to the Haida people of Haida Gwaii, and add that wherever POV goes there is a cultural renaissance in the community. (APTN National News, 11/9/13) [IT 5.1 2014]

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