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Recovery from Cults

Recovery from Cults:  Help for Victims of Psychological Abuse (W. W. Norton and Company) is edited by Michael D. Langone, PhD, one of the leading experts in the cultic studies field, with a preface by the late Dr. Margaret T. Singer, a pioneer in the field.  The contributors to this hardcover book, which retails for $37 (USA), explore the psychological effects of cultic exploitation as found in a wide variety of groups, from religious fringe groups to New Age, political, and psychotherapy groups.  This book is a comprehensive guide to all aspects of the cult experience.  It draws on the clinical expertise of treatment professionals and the personal experiences of those formerly involved in high-intensity mind-control groups.

The book examines the history of the cult phenomenon, the nature of mind control, the psychological literature on post-cult distress, why people leave cults, exit counseling and deprogramming, and how to facilitate recovery.  The last four chapters discuss the special topics of adolescent involvement in Satanism, children and cults, ritualistic abuse, and legal problems.
Historical Background
Section I
Mind Control 
A Little Carrot and a Lot of Stick: A Case Example 
Reflections on “Brainwashing” 
Understanding Mind Control: Exotic and Mundane Mental Manipulations 
Section II
Leaving Cults Personal Accounts: Eastern Meditation Group & Bible-based Group 
Post-cult Problems: An Exit Counselor’s Perspective 
Exit Counseling: A Practical Overview 
The Importance of Information in Preparing for Exit Counseling
Section III
Facilitating Recovery Post-cult Recovery
Assessment and Rehabilitation Guidelines for: Therapists, Clergy, Support Groups, Families, Ex-members, and Psychiatric Hospitalization of Ex-cultists. 
Section IV Special Issues 
Children and Cults
Ritualistic Abuse of Children in Daycare Centers
Teen Satanism
Legal Considerations.

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