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Members Allegedly Harass Fellow Exxon Lab Employees
A former Exxon Mobil Corp. employee is suing supervisors at the Baytown, TX, facility whom he alleges harassed and fired workers who rejected efforts to recruit them for a Reiki “cult.”[csr 2.3 2003]

Technician William McCracken, 63, complains of religious discrimination in the activities of the defendants who, he says, “adhered to certain spiritual, religious teachings (of the cult leader) and a ‘new age’ belief system, including a practice known as Reiki.” (One of many Reiki Web sites defined it as “a method of natural healing based on the application of Universal Life Force Energy.”) [csr 2.3 2003]

McCracken says a co-worker was fired after she refused to let a supervisor, allegedly the cult leader, treat her cervical cancer. He alleges another colleague was terminated for refusing to attend meetings at the supervisor’s home. “Favorable treatment” for Reiki followers was the norm, and others were treated “unfavorably,” he said. (Harvey Rice, Houston Chronicle, Internet, 12/18/03) [csr 2.3 2003]

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