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Government and Public Policy


A Comparison of Different Countries’ Approaches to Cult-Related Issues – Mike Kropveld

Info-Cult/Info-Secte, of which the author is executive director, maintains an online collection of government reports.
Aid and Assistance for Consumer Damages from Religious Activities – Japan Federation of Bar Associations

Ancient Wisdom for Modern Predicaments: The Truth, Deceit, and Issues Surrounding Falun Gong – Frank Tian Xie, et al.

Comments on Stender Article – George Driesen, et al.

Conflict Between Aum Critics and Human Rights Activists in Japan – Yoshihide Sakurai

Cultic Issues and Religious Freedom – Willy Fautre

Cultism, Terrorism, and Homeland Security – Stephen Bruce Mutch

Cults and Globalization: Reflections and Questions – Mike Kropveld

Cults and Religious Privileges in England and Australia: Can the Wheat be Separated from the Chaff? -Stephen Bruce Mutch

Cults and the European Parliament: A Practical Political Response to an International Problem – David Wilshire

Cults in American Society – American Bar Association Commission on Mental and Physical Disability Law.

Cults in Japan: Legal Issues – Hiroshi Yamaguchi

Cults, Freedom of Belief, and Freedom of Religion – Judge Denis Barthelemy

Cults, Psychological Manipulation and Society: International Perspectives – An Overview – Michael Langone

Cults, Religion, and China: Policy Frameworks for the Regulation of Religious and Quasireligious Groups – Stephen Mutch

Cults, State Control, and Falun Gong: A Comment on Herbert Rosedale’s “Perspectives on Cults as Affected by the September 11th Tragedy.” – Thomas Robbins

Divergent European Cult Policies: A Reply to Henri de Cordes. – Richard Singelenberg

Falun Gong and the World: How Many Eight-Years Do We Need? – Comment on Langone (2007). -Frank Tian Xie

Governments and Cults – Michael Kropveld

Ideology, Demonization, and Scholarship: The Need for Objectivity—A Response to Robbins’ Comments on Rosedale, the Chinese Government, and Falun Gong. – Herbert L. Rosedale

In Good Faith: Society and the New Religious Movements, Summary Report – Swedish Government Commission

Japanese Activities to Counter Cults – Hiroshi Yamaguchi

Legal Regulations and Police Responsibilities with Regard to Totalitarian Groups – Ferran Alonso

New Organizations Operating Under the Protection Afforded to Religious Bodies – Resolution of the European Parliament

Persuasive Techniques in Contemporary Cults: A Public Health Approach – Louis J. West

Pluralism, Deeds, Creeds, and Cults – Michael Langone

Preventing Cultic Deviations in Europe: Reply to Singelenberg’s Comment – Henri de Cordes

Preventing Cultic/Sectarian Deviations in Europe: Policies That Differ – Henri de Cordes

Prevention Program on Psychologically Manipulative Techniques – Esther Maté, et al.

Preventive Education on Cultism for High School Students: A Comparison of Different Programs’ Effects on Potential Vulnerability to Cults – Andrea Bloomgarden, et al.

Reflections on Falun Gong and the Chinese Government -Michael D. Langone

Reply to Xie – Michael D. Langone

Selections from the Second Vatican Council’s Declaration on Religious Freedom

Some Rigors of Our Times: The First Amendment and Real Life and Death. One ACLU Member Looks at Guyana, Nazis, and Pornography – Fay Stende

State of Israel Report of the Interministerial Committee Set Up to Examine Cults (“New Groups”) in Israel

The Chemistry of a Conflict: The Chinese Government and the Falun Gong – Patsy Rahn

The Council of Europe’s Report on Sects and New Religious Movements

The Falun Gong: Beyond the Headlines – Patsy Rahn

The Law to Protect Victims of Manipulation: A Victory for Region Friuli Venezia Giulia – Cristina Caparesi

The PRC and Falun Gong – Michael D. Langone

The Vatican Report: Sects or New Religious Movements: A Pastoral Challenge

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