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Arts: Poetry

Purge Me

Carol Welch

If I write and write and write

Pour my soul upon the page

Will it per chance nullify the rage?

Do I fear to embrace?

Boiling lava in my soul.

Lava rises.

Spills o’er the mountain crest,

Destroys all life in its path.

Spews fury into the air.

Heavy gases of poison.

Gases dissipate

Lava cools

Feeds the soil

Mineral rich

New life birthed

A process

A purge

If I ride this river of rage

choose to not suppress

nor spew on those surrounding me.

Allow the river flow,

spill o’er the crest of my soul

its path upon the page,

dissipate then cool…

Will new life be birthed?

purge me

  ~ Carol Welch

     February 26, 2007        

In the Fishbowl

In a fishbowl

I bump the glass

trying to swim

beyond the transparent barrier.

To survive beyond

I need a new design,

different equipment

from my gill-oxygenated carrier.

My guppy eyes stare

wondering, pondering.

How would it feel

to breathe that air?

I shrug

Swimming back to my castle I play awhile

among the faux coral and seaweed.

I ascend upon sprinkled kelp to feed,

then settle again with a contented smile.


Back at the edge with my guppy-eyed stare.

In a fishbowl

trying to swim beyond

the transparent barrier.

  ~ Carol Welch

     March 12, 2007


You call me.

tribal voice within

quieter than breath

awakening my essence

You coax me.

song i can’t resist

luring me

with whistles on the wind

You envelop me.

beauty to behold

entwining melodies

embroidery within my soul

Is this the muse?

This tribal voice?

This heartfelt cry?

This whispering force?

With open face and open heart

I hear, I taste, I feel.

Vibrations of creation

No longer can lie still.

Humbly I acquiesce

Spirit’s imprinted symphony.

Rhythmic ancestral echo

Tunes every cell in harmony.

Beckoning I surrender

With honor and a dance.

My heart glides in joyful unison

The triumphant shout of “YES!”

  ~ Carol Welch

     April, 2007


Lies to protect

Within stir rage

Hypocritical roles

Upon life’s stage

Words of deceit

In wisdom’s guise

Murders the heart

Falsely blinds eyes

Tell me the truth

Straight to my face

Treat me with dignity

Naked with grace

Now or later

The price will be paid

Don’t lie to protect

This masquerade

  ~ Carol Welch

     March 21, 2007

Carol Welch

Carol Welch was involved in an authoritarian Bible-based group, The Way International, for 28 years, from 1977 through 2005, from the age of 18 until she was 46. In 1981, during her fourth year of involvement with The Way, she became physically ill with an overresponsive immune system. In 1998, she began to journal, eventually writing her way out of The Way and into wellness. Since she exited the group, Carol has educated herself on group dynamics and cultic influences, and she continues to do so. A narrative of her story is published on her main Web site at tossandripple.blogspot.com

Carol resides in North Carolina with her husband of almost three decades and in close proximity to their two adult children. She is the owner of a pet-sitting service and enjoys writing, art, nature, and animals. One of her dreams from her teenage years is to thru-hike the Appalachian Trail—a dream she realized as possible only after having regained her physical wellness and exiting The Way.

Select pieces of Carol’s poetry have been published in four different poetry anthologies. She makes public many of her memoir pieces and poetry on the World Wide Web. Her poems and a memoir piece were part of the Phoenix Project of Ex-Member Art and Literary Work as part of the annual ICSA conference in 2012 in Montreal.

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