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Terrorism – Cultic Dimensions


A Former MEK Member Speaks About the “Cult” of Extremism – Adam Forrest

A Psychosocial Analysis of the Terrorist Group As a Cult – Álvaro Rodríguez et al.

A Question of Participation – Disengagment from the extremist right. A case study from Sweden – Tina Wilchen Christensen (dissertation)

Are Terrorists Cultists? – Arthur A. Dole

Assessing Religious Terror – David Conway

Communist Attempts to Elicit False Confessions from Air Force POWs – Albert Biderman

Articles from ICSA News Desk

2016-10-03 The Problem with the Effort to De-Radicalize Jihadis

2016-09-16 ISIS is raising a new generation of terrorist fighters — and its system of indoctrination is ‘unprecedented’

2016-08-27 In Kerala [India], parents struggle to shake children from the influence of ultra-conservative Islam

2016-07-07 Living and Escaping a Terrorist Cult

2016-05-02 3 Powerful Conflict-Resolution Strategies From an Anti-terrorism Leader

2016-04-29 How I Almost Became a Boko Haram Suicide Bomber

2016-03-22 Life After Hate

2015-12-05 ISIS Followers in US Are Diverse and Young

2015-11-22 More Islamic State defectors speaking out – report

2015-10-12 What You Don’t Understand about Suicide Attacks

2015-09-14 How Does A Normal Student’ Like Seifeddine Rezgui Turn Into A Cold-Blooded Murderer?

2015-07-29 Opinion: Federal Anti-Radicalization Efforts Have Taken Too Narrow an Approach

2015-05-11 Assessing Religious Terror

2015-04-10 Same Anger, Different Ideologies: Radical Muslim and Neo-Nazi

2015-03-20 North Korea Begins Brainwashing Children in Cult of the Kims as Early as Kindergarten

2015-02-22 De-Radicalization Programs Offer Hope in Countering Terrorism

2014-11-25 Fight War of Ideas Against Extremism

2014-10-29 Radicalization: Why do Western Youth Join Extremist Groups?

2014-10-22 A Former MEK Member Speaks About the “Cult” of Extremism

2014-06-19 Tom Olsen Describes Life As A Neo-Nazi Thug and How He Was ‘De-Radicalised’

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