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Benjamin Creme

Benjamin Creme, artist and esotericist—obituary

“Benjamin Creme,who has died aged 93, was a Scottish painter, esotericist, and author who spentmuch of his life as an evangelist for the coming of a ‘new world teacher,’ whomCreme called Maitreya. Creme, whoclaimed to be in telepathic communication with one of a community of ascendedMasters living in the Himalayas, travelled the world espousing his message ofMaitreya’s coming, gathering a large following. …To facilitate his work, Cremeestablished a magazine, ShareInternational, which published communications purportedly coming from Creme’sown Master and regular bulletins about Maitreya’s ongoing, if hidden, influencein world affairs. …’My job,’ he once said, ‘has been to make the initialapproach to the public, to help create a climate of hope and expectancy. If Ican do that, I’ll be well pleased.’ Nor did he seem in any way discouraged byMaitreya’s apparently obdurate reluctance to appear as promised, explainingthat it would be in contravention of man’s free will for him to do so withoutan invitation from suitably high-ranking figures from politics and the media.These requirements appeared to have been met when in December 2008 Creme madehis most emphatic declaration to date, claiming that ‘a bright star’ wouldshortly appear in the sky heralding Maitreya’s appearance on a major Americantelevision programme when he would finally reveal himself. Over the years,Creme became accustomed to ridicule and mockery, which he treated withequanimity. ‘Scepticism is fine,’ he once said. ‘But I don’t like cynicism. Isay, keep an open mind.’ His first wife, Peggy, died in 1965. He is survived byhis second wife, Phyllis, whom he married in 1968, by their son and daughter, and by a son of his firstmarriage.” (The Telegraph, 11/11/16) [IT 8.2]

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