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Church of Jesus Christ Restored

Alleged polygamist leader of cult-like Ontario church pleads guilty to “corrections and chastisements”
“It didn’t take much to set off Fred King, the leader of a small, isolated church [Church of Jesus Christ Restored] in Chatsworth Township, just south of Owen Sound, Ontario. Sometimes he’d deliver ‘corrections and chastisements’ by punching, kicking or spitting on parishioners, an Owen Sound court heard Tuesday. Other times he used humiliation or did something such as squeezing a child’s hand with crushing force for fighting with a sister. The victims were his parishioners. In one case when a teen tried to run away, his grandmother tattled and Fred King, who was known simply as ‘The Prophet,’ retaliated fiercely with a beating at a Sunday church service. King, 57, of Chatsworth Township, pleaded guilty before Superior Court Justice Clayton Conlan Tuesday to nine assaults which took place between Dec. 12, 1988 and Aug. 10, 2008, mostly in Chatsworth Township or Grey County, and in one case in Peel Region, involving four church members. Other charges King faces are to be withdrawn when he’s sentenced Sept. 14, Martin said afterward.” (National Post, 05/11/16) [IT 7.3 2016]
Church leader free on bail
Fred King, the leader of the Chatsworth Church of Jesus Christ Restored in Canada, has been released from custody on a $50,000 bond after he was arrested in a hotel without incident following issuance of a Canada-wide warrant for his arrest. King was charged with several counts, including sexual assault, death threats, and weapon possessions. King cannot go near the Chatsworth Church property, he isn’t allowed to possess any firearms, and he must stay in Ontario. Judson King, Fred King’s brother, was arrested on April 4 and also released on bond. He was charged with “assault with a weapon, uttering death threats, and four counts of assault.”  Both brothers are scheduled to appear in court on May 15. Six former church members, including Carol Christie, who wrote a book about the group, have settled lawsuits against church principals, including Fred King, out of court. (Sun Times, Owen Sound, 4/16/14) [IT 6.3 2015]

In her book Property, Carol Christie tells the story of her oppressed life in Ontario’s Mormon fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ Restored (which is apparently not linked to other fundamentalist Mormon churches). When she was 18, she says, her mother drugged and manipulated her into becoming the fourth wife of the church’s prophet, Stan King; another of his wives was 14, and over the years, he took three more, ages 10 to 17. When King died, his son and successor, Fred King, took over his father’s wives, and physically abused her, the mother of two of his children: “He would hit me so hard that I would go flying through the air.” Christie says that boys in the church work as virtual slave laborers in companies whose profits go almost entirely to the leader. Watching a TV report about Warren Jeffs and the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, her son James said to her, “That’s us, mom.” This helped Christie eventually determine to leave the church, which held her in virtual house arrest for 8 years. Now married legally, she sued the church in 2010 for the abuses she suffered, and settled out of court. The Ontario police are now investigating the church. (Vancouver Sun, 7/5/13) [IT 5.1 2014]

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