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Community of All Nations

Six Catholic nuns in Arkansas, followers of the Community of All Nations, also known as the Army of Mary, have been excommunicated by the Vatican for becoming “entranced and deluded with a doctrine that is heretical,” according to the administrator of the Diocese of Little Rock. The nuns, associated with the Good Shepherd Monastery of Charity and Refuge, in Hot Springs — which they own and will not leave — believe that the Community’s 86-year-old Canada-based founder, Marie Paul Giguere, is the reincarnation of the Virgin Mary, and that God speaks directly through her.

The Rev. Frederick K. C. Price and his 22,000-member California Crenshaw Christian Center have sued ABC’s “20/20” for defamation. They say the March 23 program falsely portrayed him as a “hypocrite and thief” who financed an extravagant lifestyle with church money. The suit says that a 10-year-old clip in which he spoke of owning a yacht, helicopter, and private jet was actually part of a hypothetical example of a person who had failed to follow a Christian path. ABC posted a retraction of the story on its website, but Price said that this was not enough to move him to drop the suit. [csr 6.3 2007]

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