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East Side Institute for Short Term Psychotherapy

East Side Institute for Short-Term Psychotherapy
Lenora Fulani-Supported Groups Probed

New York State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer is probing the financial affairs of nonprofit charities supported by Independence Party “power-player” Lenora Fulani [who was once a U.S. presidential candidate of the New Alliance Party]. The action follows a Post report detailing the overlapping relationships between the Fulani-founded All Stars Project, the Castillo Theater, and Fred Newman’s East Side Institute for Short Term Psychotherapy, where Fulani is on the staff. [csr 1.3 2002]

Newman and Fulani practice “social therapy,” which is based on the premise that emotional problems can be cured by political activism. “The effects of this group can be devastating,” said Rick Ross, who has counseled former members of Newman-led groups. “Some of them have been driven to the edge emotionally and physically in the name of Fred’s cause. They describe a highly abusive environment in which they are systematically broken down and reshaped to be like Fred, to do what he says without question.”[csr 1.3 2002]

The mother of a 15-year-old All Stars participant said that her child “became involved in social therapy” sessions after joining the group. Another parent said that her teenager was encouraged to do political work. “In my opinion,” says Ross, “the All Stars program is really social therapy disguised as performance art — and these politicians and corporations [who have backed the Fulani Newman-associated groups’ charitable goals] support it.” Gov. George Pataki recently helped pass an $8.5 million tax-exempt bond for Castillo and the All Stars to build a performance space. (Jeane MacIntosh, New York Post, Internet, 7/26/02) [csr 1.3 2002]

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