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Jesus Christ Restored

The Gray County (Ontario) police are investigating allegations of polygamy and abuse in the allegedly “cult-like” Jesus Christ Restored church in rural Chatsworth. Carol Christie, 59, claims she suffered sexual, physical, and psychological abuse while she was a member of the church for almost forty years. Christie reports that church founder Stanley King, whom followers called “The Prophet,” had a “harem” of wives, including her. She says that her mother, totally devoted to the church, brought her to other church members at the age of 18, and they beat her into agreeing to marry Stanley King. “I don’t know if my spirit was broke, or what, but that was it. There just seemed to be no way out.” He was not violent with her, she says, and was good with children—she saw this on missions to orphanages in India, for example—but he was a sexual predator in his church back home. “Your faith is based on fear,” Christie said, “because you’re terrorized psychologically. Everything you think, do and say is done out of fear.” When King died, according to Christie, his son, Fred King, took over the church, and the wives. She said members were taught to believe the outside world was hostile, that they would never survive it, and that if they left they’d be damned eternally. But Christie did leave on the death of Fred King, in 2008, shortly after he beat her in church on Easter Sunday; and she eventually joined several other leavers in an ongoing multimillion dollar suit against the church. Christie went to a lawyer and the media instead of the police because attempts to involve them in the past had failed. She is now writing a book about her experience in the church; any proceeds will be dedicated to helping the remaining 35 church members reintegrate into society. (Owen Sound Sun Times, 12/3/12) [IT 4.1 2013]

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