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Love Holy Trinity Blessed Mission

Charges of child abuse and neglect have been dismissed against Love Holy Trinity Blessed Mission members Jacqueline Crank, 44, and Ariel Ben Sherman, 76, accused in the death from lack of medical treatment of Crank’s daughter Jessica, 15. The judge ruled that “Haley’s Law” applied only to cases where the child was under 13 when diagnosed. “We still don’t know where you draw the line between parental privacy and religious freedom,” said the couple’s attorney. [csr 5.1 2006]

Secrecy Creates Suspicion
The family of 19-year-old Ashley Fahey, in McGregor, IA, says that her personality changed radically shortly after she joined Love Holy Trinity Blessed Mission. They say she rejected her $18,000 college scholarship and then joined the group, telling them she felt called by God to do so and that she’d go to Hell when she died if she didn’t. She’s now living in a closely guarded group facility in Chicago and out of all contact with her family.[csr 4.3 2005]

Monsignor James Barta, of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Dubuque, calls the Love Holy Trinity Blessed Mission, which claims to be Catholic, definitely “cult-like.” A priest from Iowa Falls, who once attended a Bible study group run by Love Holy Trinity, no longer endorses it but says it’s not a cult. “It’s just simply a group of people who are trying to spread a message of holiness.” (IKWWL, Internet, 10/7/05) [csr 4.3 2005]

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