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National Democratic Party

The German Bundesrat has voted to file a complaint with the high court seeking to ban the far-right National Democratic Party (NPD). Sixteen states have already agreed to support the measure. One governor said that the NPD had created the intellectual breeding ground that produced the National Socialist Underground, the neo-Nazi terrorist cell allegedly responsible for the murder of nine small business owners of Turkish and Greek origin, and a police officer. The NPD is described as anti-Semitic, racist, and xenophobic by the German domestic intelligence agency. An earlier attempt to ban the NPD failed in court, and many, including political leaders opposed to the party, fear that a ban attempt might again fail constitutional muster, or that a legal ban could actually strengthen the NPD or be rejected by the European Court of Human Rights. (Spiegel Online, 12/14/12) [IT 4.1 2013]

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