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Native American Church

Ritual Peyote Use Legalized for All Members
The Utah Supreme Court in June ruled that James “Flaming Eagle” Mooney, of the Native American Church, can legally give peyote to members of his church, regardless of race. The ruling went against a 1994 law that restricted the sacramental use of peyote — said to be a thousandth as powerful as LSD — to members of federally recognized tribes.[csr 3.2 2004]

People in Utah have been suspicious of the Native American Church because its prayer space can be a tepee, or a riverbank, or a patch of grass, and it has no officers or records. In addition, some participants in the church’s ceremonies have paid much more than the standard $200 fee. One “insisted” on donating $250,000 and another paid $500,000. (Jesse Hyde, Deseret Morning News, Internet, 7/5/04)[csr 3.2 2004]

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