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People Unlimited

Immortality Eludes People Unlimited Founder
Charles Paul Brown, a Scottsdale preacher and leader of People Unlimited (formerly known as CBJ or the Church of the Eternal Flame), the group he began in Scottsdale more than 30 years ago, died in October at age 79 of complications from Parkinson’s and heart disease, according to the website for People Unlimited.

Brown was supposed to live forever, along with disciples in a half-dozen countries all over the world who embraced his philosophy of physical immortality. Now the community he founded is left without its figurehead, and with an apparent contradiction to reconcile. In an email, communications director Joe Bardin confirmed Brown’s death, writing that “While the ideas of immortality burned brightly within him, the living of it often eluded him. … Too much stress and not enough exercise undoubtedly contributed to the heart disease and Parkinson’s from which he suffered. …To honor his memory, we re-dedicate ourselves to living the life he envisioned and so compellingly spoke of to so many — a life free of death.” (The Republic, 11/16/14) [IT 6.1 2015]

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