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The Aetherius Society

Pilgrimage to Welsh Mountain to Impart Spiritual Energy

Dozens of members of The Aetherius Society, who believe Jesus and other historical figures including Buddha, Krishna, Confucius, and Laozi were aliens, will climb Carnedd Llewelyn in Wales this summer to transmit spiritual energy from a mountain they say is packed with Martian power. Society members think 19 global peaks were charged with alien energy after London cabbie George King was ordered by “cosmic intelligence” in 1954 to climb them.

Group secretary Richard Lawrence said, “The purpose of going up is to send out spiritual energy for world peace and to pray for the betterment of humanity. … He explains that King climbed 18 of the 19 peaks specified, and that on each ascent “…was zapped by ETs.” Richard has “…been on 10 of the mountains around the world. I have always experienced a burst of energy on them. The climbs are quite demanding … at the top we raise our hands and join in prayer.”

Richard said The Aetherius Society believes Jesus and Buddha were from Venus but Krishna was from Saturn—the “most advanced planet,” and that all the “great religions” are from one “cosmic source.” The Society believes that these “advanced beings [were] coming to help us and give certain teachings in some cases … to help humanity without interfering with us too much.” The Society believes a messiah will one day visit earth in a flying saucer. Richard said his religion might not be everyone’s thing: “It’s unusual, is it not?” (Contacts With the Gods From Space, by George King and Richard Lawrence, is published by The Aetherius Society.) (Wales Online, 5/25/14) [IT 5.3]

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