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Social Therapy Leader Heading Influential Political Party
Psychologist Fred Newman, co-leader of the Independence Party, which has gained significant influence in New York City and New York State in recent years, is being accused by former party leaders, as well as by some who have been involved in his treatment approach, of nms while he funnels the political activists he attracts into his therapy groups. [csr 4.2 2005]

Newman has said that the political parties he set up in the past — the International Workers Party and the New Alliance Party — have been transformed into a “core collective” made up of individuals working in his political, psychological, and theatrical ventures. Social therapy aims to heal by changing patients’ relationships to their environment, partly through political activism. Some say Newman has used his ideas about revolution to seduce young people into joining him. (Michael Slackman, New York Times, Internet, 5/28/05) [csr 4.2 2005]

Newman Party Endorsed Nader
Ralph Nader received an endorsement during the recent election campaign from the Independence Party, “a cult-like political organization” headed by Fred Newman associate Lenora Fulani. Newman, once allied with Lyndon LaRouche, developed social therapy, which has been described by ex-members as “sophisticated indoctrination methodology which impairs critical thinking skills and which uses repression, dependency, and guilt-inducing techniques to control and lure patients into political activity and, ultimately, into blind allegiance to Newman.” (John Eder and David Siegal, Political News Today, Internet, 10/4/04) [csr 4.1 2005]

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