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Former Psychotherapy Commune Leader Permitted to Practice Again
Helen Fogarty, 73, a former leader of a 1970s psychotherapy cult, the Sullivan Institute for Research in Psychoanalysis (often called the Sullivanians), who counseled patients to sever ties with their families, controlled access to their children, and ordered them to have sex with her husband and each other, has had her psychology license reinstated by the state of New York. Fogarty was once married to Saul Newton, the charismatic cofounder of the Sullivan Institute

Although officials who reviewed Fogarty’s petition for reinstatement were divided about whether it should be granted, the state placed her on 2 years’ probation and restored her license with the condition that she practice only under supervision. Fogarty, who applied to have her license reinstated in 2009, now claims to have no interest in practicing again and is focused on being a grandmother. (LoHud/The Journal News, 9/6/14) [IT 6.1 2015]

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