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 Ultra-Orthodox rabbis ban women from going to university

“Ultra-OrthodoxJewish rabbis have banned women from going to university,The Independent has learned. The strict Satmar sectissued the decree, seen by The Independent, warning that university education for womenis ‘dangerous.’ The decree was issued from the sect’s base in New York and willapply to followers of the faith group around the world. Ultra-Orthodox Jewsfollow a pre-enlightenment interpretation of traditional Judaism and discourageinteraction with the modern or secular world. Men wear 19th century EasternEuropean dress including long black coats and black hats, while married womenmust dress modestly and cover their hair. The Board of Deputies of British Jewsestimates that there are around 30,000 strictly Orthodox Jews living in the UK,of which Satmar is the largest sect… It was condemned by Dr. SharonWeiss-Greenberg, Executive Director of the Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance… ‘There are probably other factors at play,but, ultimately, the results are devastating. Because people from similarcommunities are not provided with a foundational primary education, they cannotpursue higher education nor careers. When one does not have access toeducation, career opportunities are out of reach. It forces one to stay withinthe community as everyone’s personal lives are tied up with their professionallives as well.’” (The Independent, 08/23/16) [IT 8.1]

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