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An Argentinian journalist, Miguel Prenz, published a book entitled The Same Devil in May, 2013. The book contains a sequence of the assassination rituals behind the death of 11-year-old Ramon Ignacio Gonzalez (Ramoncito), which occurred in the city of Mercedes in 2006. After this event, in which the cult Umbanda was allegedly involved, Prenz points a finger at the participation of influential people. [IT 4.1 2013] 

A 5-year-old girl died in June in Santiago del Estero, Argentina after her parents took her to a Umbanda ritual. The girl had health problems, and her parents took her to the healer, who covered her body in milk and parsley in a half-hour ritual. A few hours later, the girl died. [IT 4.1 2013] 
On November 30, 2012, the National Parliament of Uruguay took in the Second Congress of the cult Umbanda del Mercosur. Furthermore, the Uruguayan government declared this event “of public interest.” [IT 4.1 2013] 
In October of 2011, two black magic practitioners were arrested in Mexico for swindling and raping two women who participated in their rituals. In November two Umbanda pai (priests) were arrested in Argentina for sexually abusing girls, in two unrelated cases. In the same month, there were cases related to the ritual use of ayahuasca: a French tourist died after eating this substance, and a Slovakian tourist was raped in Atalaya by two shamans after participating in a ritual. In August, the police in Cordoba [IT 2.3 2011]
 (Argentina) arrested 17 people for ritual use of ayahuasca. [IT 2.3 2011]

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