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Weltdiener ("World Servants")

Weltdiener (“World Servants”)

For the children of the local group Weltdiener (world servants) in Lonnerstadt (Bavaria), the authorities have acted and have partly withdrawn the custody of the children from their parents. Three children have been brought to an institution. The parents, who were cooperative, are allowed to see the children, but they are not authorized to make decisions about their location of residence and their health care. [IT 4.3 2013] 

A local group, the Weltdiener (“world servants”), which consists of one guru and a family with several children, has raised awareness in Lonnerstadt (Bavaria). It is said that the children are prevented from contact with the outside world, are forced to feast and meditate, are not allowed to play, and are prevented from receiving medical treatment. Strangely enough, one of the teachings of the guru is similar to that of Scientology: Children are adults in a small body. The public prosecutor has been alerted; but, because the parents agree with the teachings of the guru, little can be done. [IT 4.1 2013]

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